Wedding DIY project ideas

The following are the projects I plan to complete as a DIY bride. I sure hope I am not getting my self buried in too much craftiness.

1. Guest Book: My fiancé and I love the vintage look of this guest book and we plan to make one similar to this. We not only intend to include engagement pictures, but also pictures of us as children and pictures of our lives together. For this project I need/ be purchasing: a bound (perhaps leather) black paper sketch book. I am hoping to find one at an arts and supply store. We will also be taking our pictures and getting them copied in black and white as shown above with a white boarder in order to give it a vintage look. We will have people sign in white ink in yearbook fashion.

2. Invitations: We fell in love with the above invitation and have fashioned our’s much in the same way. I have already purchased the cardstock from Hobby Lobby and my fiance with his great computer skills, created the actual invitation and its wording. This will be a team effort putting these together!

3. Ceremony programs: I haven’t decided what these will look like but I know that this too will be a craft I take on.

4. Cookie/Candy Bar: I love the appearance of these and they make a great favor. They are super cheap to create if you have enough people to help you bake. I have been keeping an eye out for affordable glass containers. I also intend to take small brown paper sacks and stamp our monogram on them so guests can take treats with them. I plan to make specific labels for each container. I also plan to use ribbon and colored table cloths to tie our colors into the set-up.



4. Centerpieces: This will probably be the end of me as a DIY bride as I can’t for the life of me settle on what I want to do. I know I want LOTS of candles. We are having an evening wedding and therefore want to have the romantic candlelight. I also really like long rectangle tables vs round tables and so we will have multiple components making up the centerpiece running down the center of the table. I also know the main flowers will be orange gerber daisies (likely fake) so I am hoping to make them look pretty but not cheap.






5. Bouquets: I have decided to have my bridal bouquet done professionally and I want it to be mostly white flowers with blue and orange ribbon on the base. As for the bridesmaids, I plan to make their bouquets from artificial flowers. The flowers I am using are orange gerber daisies.


6. Ceremony/Church decorations: I plan to attempt the hand painted monogrammed aisle runner. I have see many example from various brides while searching the internet. I also plan to make the pew floral decorations as well.
7. Wedding signs: this will be a project for my fiancé but I think they will turn out awesome. They will be used to direct guests to the church and the reception site.


So far this is my list of DIY projects and although the list seems long I think that I will have no problem getting it all done before the big day. I am excited to get started.


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