My Late Thanksgiving Recap

I am roughly 3 days behind the rest of the blog world with my “Thanksgiving Recap” but hey, I’m pregnant and it takes time to recover from a 4 day Holiday weekend. This Thanksgiving we spent the day at my family’s. I love getting to go home and be in the country again. It is so much more peaceful out here.


This year I was horrible at taking pictures and only captured this picture of my adorable little nephew. I know I’m carrying what I will think is the cutest babe in the world but this little man is so cute. I mean look at those chubby cheeks!!

Even though I have few pictures to show for it, the day was filled with food, family, and fun. The perfect combination to warm one’s heart and recharge one’s battery.

The hubs had to leave early from the festivities since he was on call at the hospital but my mom, sisters and I all napped and then headed out in the evening for our annual Black Friday  Thursday shopping trip. Every year we head out with no expectations and every year we end up finding awesome deals and having a ton of fun. I know everyone else thinks after Thanksgiving shopping is filled with stress, anger, and fighting, but for the ladies in my family it is easily one of the best parts of our holiday. This year I was a little worried I would crash only a few hours in, but I did better than anticipated and didn’t start crashing until 3am, which is a long time considering we started at 9pm. I was back in bed by 4 am only to be up and out the door by 10:30am on Friday to take advantage of the amazing Black Friday deals at Joann Fabrics.

The weekend’s festivities continued Sunday night with our annual Friend Thanksgiving. This year the event was hosted at our house so Sunday was spent cooking and cleaning. But it all ended with a great night filled with friends.
It’s okay to be jealous of my sweet frog apron. Hubs created this in his middle school home economics class.
You might notice that some Christmas decor was out and about during our Friend Thanksgiving, but we decorated the table with a Thanksgiving appropriate spread. [I haven’t mastered the art of super-awesome plate settings yet, maybe next year.]
Though the weekend was busy I wouldn’t trade this precious time with friends and family.
Now that Thanksgiving is past, it is time to get ready for Christmas!!



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