Moving To The New House!

Moving into a new house

We have officially said farewell to our first home! It is time to move to our new house!!

Moving to a new house

Everyone Is Ready for Our New House

The other day Asher grabbed a small box and in it placed 3 handfuls of Hotwheel cars and various other small toys. He grabbed it and started dragging it to the door and said “I’m going to da new home. See you later”.

Oh how I wish this process was that easy!

We closed on our new house last Friday and gained possession on Monday.

Our crew is tired and sore after a week of packing, moving, lifting, and cleaning.

We are currently living in a bit of disarray between two houses, which is awesome with two babies *sarcasm*.

We had hoped to be into our new home pretty quickly but we have run into some hurdles getting the place clean and ready. It has taken longer than expected to get the house unpacked and in order.

Moving tip: no matter what the other owners say, always, ALWAYS pay to have the house professionally cleaned before moving in. It is an investment that will save you time and energy!

Currently, this is the status of our new home…. boxes, bags, clothes, cleaning supplies, EVERY. WHERE!

Moving into a new house
moving into a new house
Moving into a new house
Moving into a new house

Despite the chaos on that end, there is still an overall feeling of excitement and joy as we embark on this new adventure.

Asher is so excited to be in “da new house” with his “playground” in the backyard and we are excited to begin making this house our new home.

The End of a Chapter

We are signing to close on our first home today. It is such a bittersweet event. I know it is just a house but this house was our home for almost 5 years.

It is where our lives as newlyweds began. It is where we brought our babies home from the hospital. It is where so many of their milestones happened. So many friends and family events have taken place here.

There is quite a bit of emotion tied into those walls. So even though I am excited about our new adventure, I will also cherish the memories made there.

In all seriousness though I am super excited to be getting settled into our new home. Things haven’t gone as smoothly as I had hoped but it probably wasn’t realistic to think it would with a toddler, an infant, and a house full of five years worth of stuff.

Hopefully, I will be able to find time to blog and update on our lives during this process but if not know I will be back when the dust settles.


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