Big Brother Meeting Baby Sister

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I began imaging what it would be like for Asher meeting his baby sister. How would Asher react? Would he be jealous? Would he like his new sibling? I was full of anticipation and excitement.

Helping Big Brother Adjust to the Idea of Baby Sister

It was important for us, from the beginning, that Asher know about his baby sister. We made sure to talk about her often.

Throughout my pregnancy, Jacob and I spoke often about “baby sister” and “baby Ellery” and gestured toward my belly. On the ride into daycare each day I would tell Asher that “Baby sister says good morning big brother!” and he thought it was the best!

When asked what his sister’s name was he would proudly announce “BABEE CHARLIT (charlotte)”. When we went for our ultrasound he loved hearing the heartbeat and kept asking to “hear babe sisser’s song”.

He seemed so accepting to the idea of a baby sister but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t nervous as to how it would go when he found out “baby sister” was more than just mama’s big belly.

Creating a Plan to Meet Baby Sister

After the roller coaster entrance into the world, we decided to wait until Ellery had been discharged from the NICU before introducing her to Asher. Asher is only two and we were afraid all of the monitors and IVs would scare him.

On the morning Ellery and I were set to be discharged from the hospital Jacob picked up Asher and brought him to the hospital.

I was so excited for them to meet but also (and maybe even more so) to see Asher again! It had been a long three days. And until this time I had never spent a night away from him. Needless to say my mama heart was missing my baby.

When Jacob and Asher arrived Jacob made sure to tell him that they were going to see baby sister and mama. Perhaps it was being at the hospital but Asher seemed sort of neutral to the whole affair until he got into the room.

Once he was in the room he immediately ran over to my hospital bed where I was sitting holding Ellery. He had a huge grin on his face and said “Up, Up Mama!”. I was so excited to see my baby again! It had only been three days but I felt like my little baby boy had grown so much!

Meeting baby sister

Asher was excited to see his mama again but also very curious about what I was holding. Sitting with me he was cautious at first but peaked over to see her as she was eating.

He had the most adorable grin on his face as he leaned in to check her out. We attempted him ‘holding’ her right then but her newborn squeaks made him nervous and he didn’t want to anymore. Before long though he was kissing on her and agreed that we should totally keep her and take her home with us.

Something to Make Meeting Baby Sister Easier

One thing we did to ease the transition of bringing a new baby home was purchased a gift for Asher FROM Ellery.

Since Asher has been interested in dinos lately we bought two dinos and it was a total hit! He LOVED them and has said many times since “tank you babee sisser” when he is playing with them.

meeting baby sister

Warming Up to Holding Baby Sister

We eventually moved to the couch of the room and with his new dino friends by his side, he was ready to officially meet his new baby sister.

meeting baby sister

These moments of Asher meeting baby Ellery were some of the best moments with these two little ones so far.

Big brother and baby sister

It has been such a blessing watching Asher and Ellery together. He is seriously the best big brother and so far has been nothing but helpful and attentive to her. I can’t wait to see their relationship grow!


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