Make Life Easier with a Daily Planner

There are some tools in life that just make our lives so much better that it is hard to imagine life without them. For me, my daily planner is one of those tools! I use my daily planner Every. Single. Day! I simply couldn’t imagine life without a planner to keep everything straight

Today, I wanted to share with you how the Well Planned Daily Planner makes life easier.

1. See Your Entire Day’s Schedule Hour by Hour

There are a lot of hours in the day. And when you have more than just your own schedule (or even sometimes just your own) to manage, it can feel like you lose track of time. Being able to see my entire day laid out before me, hour by hour makes getting things planned, organized, and executed so much easier.

Hourly view of the Well Planned Daily Planner

2. Prioritize Your Own Wellness

When life gets busy most often the first thing we sacrifice is our own well-being. The Well Planned Daily planner makes sure to include a daily wellness planning tool to remind you to drink water and move your body in whatever way makes you feel good. Because after all, we are only our best when we feel our best!

3. Create Weekly Meal Plans and Shopping Lists

Before the Well Planned Daily Planner, I used to use a separate notebook or sheets of paper to plan our meals each week. Inevitably I would lose the paper or forget that we actually had an event one night and our whole meal plan had to be adjusted. With meal planning tools and grocery shopping lists built-in, the Well Planned Daily Planner makes meal planning so much easier. I can quickly check schedules and adjust our meals as needed. And best of all, I don’t have to worry about losing those loose sheets again!

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Meal Planning tools within the Well Planned Daily Planner

4. Create a Family Routine for the Week

Life with littles can be hectic but our homes should feel like a soft place to land. One of the easiest ways to achieve this feeling is to have a weekly routine for your family. Help your family know what happens on what days. This will help little ones move from event to event without the hassle and it will help older kids (and parents) know what to expect each day of the week.

5. Shut out the Noise with Focused Daily To-dos

I don’t know that there will ever be a day that we don’t have a to-do list. That’s just the nature of having a family to love on and a home to care for. In order to find balance with your to-dos, I love to use the Top 3 rule. This rule simply states that you pick 3 to-dos to focus on each day. Sure, you might find time to achieve more than that but you prioritize only three. This way you can still see progress but you won’t feel bogged down by the list all day.

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6. Budgeting Tools on Hand to Keep You on Track

I love, love, love having our budgeting tools in the same place as everything else important in family administration. Having our budgeting tools on hand means I can tackle bill paying and bank management stuff without needing extra notebooks.

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7. Food and Homes Goods Inventory Sheets to Help Minimize Waste

I adore the food and home goods inventory sheets because they keep me accountable. Before these sheets were part of my life, I was notorious for overbuying or underbuying all sorts of things. I would spend way outside our grocery budget only to get home and realize we already had things we could’ve used.

Food inventory sheets help us to use what we have in stock at home first and only buy what we need to finish up a meal.

Home good inventory sheets helped me transform how I shopped. I used to go to multiple stores every week to buy everything we needed. But now I only buy our home goods items once a month. This means that every other week of the month, I only shop for food. This saves me time and makes sure I am not overspending.

8. Brain Dumps to Help Organize and Manage the Mental Load

Life gets busy and hectic and the weight of the mental load can get real heavy real fast. Making it a habit to brain dump is a great way to organize and manage your mental load.

The Well Planned Daily Planned planner has monthly Clear the Clutter pages designed specifically for regular brain dumps.

9. Space to Brainstorm and Organize Household and Life Projects

Raise your hand if you feel like you have so many projects (big or small) you want to complete around your house? (my hand is raised too!)

I love that this planner lets me have a place where I can write down the projects I want to complete and the to-dos to make them happen.

10. Focused Daily Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is a powerful tool. It is something that will bring joy into your life and help you to see just how incredibly blessed you are. Each day the Well Planned Daily planner prompts you to express or write out your points of gratitude for the day.

11. Creating Goals for You and Your Family

Family goals are important. Maybe it is financial goals or travel goals or home improvement goals but they’re important. Setting goals helps us make sure each day is lived with purpose and when we make goals as a family we are able to chase dreams together, connected.

These are just a few of the many reasons I love the Well Planned Daily planner and why I want to share it with you. This planner was designed by me, a busy mom of three, for other busy women.

If you are ready to reorganize your life and start creating new routines to simplify life, grab your own Well Planned Daily Planner!



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