Wedding Crafts: Large Decorative Monogram

DIY wedding monogrammed decorations

My latest wedding project is this easy and affordable DIY monogram. It was inspired by something I found on Pinterest. I must say this site is the most addicting thing since Facebook.

I seriously spent 3 hours pinning things one night. It is crazy. But I love it because I find awesome ideas like this one.

Making this was super easy and super affordable. The plan is to sit it on our guest book table at the reception and then later somewhere in our house.

The DIY monogram is covered in pictures from all aspects of our relationship over the last 5 years.


  • Large cardboard letter from Joann’s- $4.50
  • Modge-Podge- $4.00
  • Black and white pictures of various sizes printed onto regular computer paper.

Steps to Complete:

DIY Monogram
  • Step 1: Gather supplies and cut out pictures
  • Step 2: Begin modge-podging them onto the letter. Do the from first and allow the excess to fold over onto the sides. Once the front is covered then move to the sides and cover it with pictures. It’s only important to cover the front and sides since no one will see the back.
  • Step 3: Modge-Podge the whole thing with a thin coat and allow to dry.
DIY Monogram

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