It’s that time of year again…RESOLUTIONS!

2014 is going to be one of the most monumental years of mine and the hubs life as we are going to be welcoming our little man into the world come April. With that in mind I have decided to focus most of my resolutions on being the best mom/wife/daughter…me that I can be.

1. Become more organized

  1. Create a daily/weekly/season cleaning schedule so I can avoid the stressful, once a week binge cleaning session
  2. Create a better budgeting/bill payment system
  3. Create my very own, personalized work/life planner that will keep all my important to-dos in one place

2. Become an improved incubator for my babe. The holidays were great but I strayed from the gym and ate way more than I should have. It’s time to get back into a healthy way of life. This focus will likely shift to losing baby weight come April but for now I just want to be healthier.

3. Get everything finished for little man’s arrival. Ah it’s so close!!
4. This is probably the most important of them all…Focus on the stuff that matters and let go of the stuff that doesn’t. I spent far too much of 2013 worrying about what people who don’t matter to me think. I need to focus on my family and friends. A huge part of this is regaining a work-life balance. Sadly I have let my job take over my life and as a result I have grown to hate it. It’s time to get back some balance!

Now it’s super easy to write down what you want to do at the first of the year, but I don’t want to be one of the thousands of people that make these bold decisions and statements only to forget about them 4 weeks into the new year. In an attempt to keep myself motivated I plan to do monthly updates on where I am with these goals. So here’s to 2014 and making it the best year yet!




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