Intentional goal planning

Intentional Goal Planning With Lara Casey Power Sheets

I have always been a person that thrives with a to-do list but I am also a person who always feels the need to do ALL the things. Because of these quirky character traits of mine, in the past, I have struggled with sticking to my goals.

I have always been motivated by the momentum goal planning and the new beginning of the new year. I would often come up a million and one things I  was certain to get done in the coming year. I always felt driven and excited and I would carefully write my goals out somewhere…a journal, this blog, etc. And then, like many others, I pursued those goals for roughly one week…two tops.

Inevitably I would feel discouraged and before long overwhelmed by all that I wanted to get done. You see I still WANTED to do all those things but I struggled putting one foot in front of the other and actually getting things done.

About six months after Asher was born, I, like all new moms, began feeling like life was a hot mess. I was out of the new-born honeymoon phase, back to work and struggling to keep up with anything.

Then, while up late one night nursing, I discovered Lara Casey and learned about her intentional goal planners or Power Sheets. This planner provides you a place to write out all your thoughts, plans, goals and wade through the mental mess to find what goals really deserve your focus. It then provides you a place to put plan out those goals and break them up into monthly, weekly, and daily manageable tasks.

For me it was a way to finally feel like my head  was above water. Allowing me to keep tabs on my goals each day and working daily, in whatever way I could, to achieve those goals.

Simply put…life as mom is hard. You are constantly juggling the needs, wants and desires of your whole family and often you are lost in it all. You might feel like you are not measuring up, you can’t get anything done, or like you’ve lost your identity in the trenches of motherhood.

For me personally, I felt all of these things and often felt like I was drowning under the weight of all that I needed to do. This planner was a tool that helped me climb out and find some guidance.

Goal planning doesn’t have to be anything monumental, it is simply about getting what you want out of your life. I have used this planner for all my life’s goals: fitness and weight-loss, marathon training, being more present with my kiddos, growing in faith, blogging, cultivating relationships including my marriage, household maintenance and financial goals…and so on. This planner can help anyone line up the pieces that help you put one foot in front of the other to achieve your goals.

When I first learned about her planner, she had not yet created the (bound and beautiful) one year version, rather it was a six month, hole-punched set, you could use starting any month of the year. I used the six month set once before purchasing the full year set from then forward but they too were a great tool for achieving your goals. I can’t recommend these planners enough but if you are on the fence the 6 month version might be a better start for you.

A written version of the chaos inside a mom’s head!

As if I haven’t gushed over this planner enough, a few other things I LOOOVE about it include:

  • The pre-goal setting work. Lara and her team have created pages as a first step of sorts before you even begin goal planning. These pages are guided to take you from the depths of overwhelm to focused and ready. Through her outlined, step by step work, you can rid your mind of the useless clutter and focus your momentum on the things that are truly important to you. 
  • The monthly re-cap. At the end of each month you complete another worksheet of sorts that recaps the month. I love these, not only for checking in on my goals, but also as a way to take a minute and slow down and review what happened over the month. Often times I will take out my phone and look back at pictures or Instagram and reminisce about how we spent our last month. It has helped me, as a mom, to grasp a hold of the ever fleeting time a bit more and it always warms my heart to spend time reliving the fun we’ve had.
  • Seasonal Re-evaluation. Each season the sheets again guide you through your goals and allow you a space to re-evaluate and adjust your goals. Maybe you’ve accomplished something and now have room for a new goal? Or maybe something that was once important is no longer and you are removing it from your focus? Either way, I see these check-ins as vital to my overall success. 
  • Monthly brain stream. Hands down, this is my favorite part! My mind never stops. I have a Rolodex of to-dos going on in my head ALL. THE. TIME. This often leads to being stressed, overwhelmed, and paralyzed by my to-dos. Her inclusion of a page to dump out all your worries, to-dos, thoughts, fears, blah, blah, blah…is magical for me. I can physically feel the weight lifting from my shoulders when I put pen to paper and clear out my mind. 

The journey into motherhood is a wonderfully, amazing thing. But it doesn’t mean we have to live in chaos for the next 18 years. Tools like this can help you find peace and truly focus your energy on what really matters to you. 

Intentional goal planning with the Lara Casey power sheets

What are some tools you have found helpful in making this journey of motherhood what you always imagined? What in life is keeping you ‘bogged’ down? Do you think intentional goal planning would help you?




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  1. Have you used the PowerSheets planner before? Did you love it, hate it, or just feel meh about it? I d love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to leave a comment down below.

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