nautical nursery ideas

Nautical Nursery Ideas

I am so unbelievably excited about decorating our baby’s nursery. Pinterest is a black hole worth of ideas and I spend nearly every day on there pinning new ideas.

Since we don’t know if the little one is a boy or a girl yet most of our ideas are just suggestions and colors will change depending on the sex. 

I knew, even before I was pregnant, that I wanted our baby’s nursery to have clean lines, bold colors, and nontraditional nursery decor items.

The hubs and I agreed almost immediately on a nautical theme for this little one’s room, boy or girl. 

nautical nursery ideas

I love the use of the sailor’s wheel, the boat shelf, sailboats to decorate. Colors are still up in the air depending on the sex of Little M, but shades of blue will definitely be involved.

nautical nursery ideas
nautical nursery ideas

Photo collages are an absolute favorite of mine right now. I love how you can incorporate so many nautical ideas into a collage. I am hoping to put one similar to these above the changing department. The plan is to incorporate pictures from our maternity shoot and maybe an ultrasound picture. 

nautical room ideas

Can’t wait to get started on transforming the room for Baby! [Only 4 more weeks until we find out what we’re having!!]

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