How to Decrease Household Stress

Have you ever noticed the feeling of household stress? It’s when everyone seems to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. The energy within the walls feels negative and you can’t seem to figure out why.

Today I want to share with you a few ways you can take handle household stress and change the energy and feel of your home.

A Mother’s Role:

Someone once told me that “moms set the tone of the home”.

At the time I recall feeling like yet another pressure had been placed on the shoulders of moms. But as I’ve thought about it more, I realize that there is no greater job than creating a home that makes your most important people feel loved and safe.

Having a home that constantly feels stressful is counterproductive when we are trying to create a home of love and safety.

If you find yourself feeling stressed and overwhelmed and have begun to feel this in your home as well, then keep reading.

What Is “Stress in the Home”?

You are probably asking what on earth does it mean to have stress in the home? Sure people can be stressed but how can a home be stressed?

It might feel like no matter how hard you try, everyone just seems to be in some sort of a funk. Members of the family are short-tempered and easily annoyed.

We all have off days, and an occasional funk is normal, but in some homes, this “funk” can last for days, weeks, or even longer. Before you know it, you find yourself wondering what is going on. Why does home feel so negative?

There are so many factors that could lead to a shift in the energy and warmth of a home. Today let’s take a look at a few ways you can change things for the better if you find your home in a state of stress.

How to Decrease Household Stress

1. Create a Cleaning Routine That Works For You.

When dirty dishes, an unwashed toilet, or loads of laundry are staring you in the face, it is really difficult to live in the moment. Suddenly all you can see are the things that need to be done and the stress begins to rise.

You will see a million different cleaning schedules and recommendations online, but it doesn’t matter how pretty a cleaning schedule is if it doesn’t work for you.

Take some time to consider your schedule and when cleaning can happen. Consider what tasks can be offloaded to your spouse or children. Then sit down and create a cleaning plan that works for you.

Perhaps you will clean assigned areas on specific days or perhaps you will have a master list of tasks that need completed and do them as you’re able.

How it happens isn’t important, what’s important is that it works for you!

2. Unburden Your Schedule

Last year I would sign my children up for everything. Book clubs, swimming lessons, horseback riding… you name it, they did it. While I don’t regret giving my children these options, I quickly felt our family’s stress level rise as we were out of the house more and more.

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It takes work to mobilize young kids to events. Lunches needed packed. Had to make sure we had the right gear. We were trying to cram school lessons in while on the go. In the end, I realized it wasn’t working for us. We were tired and snippy and I felt overwhelmed.

Perhaps you find yourself in a similar situation. If so, I encourage you to take a look at your family’s weekly schedule and see what activities you can pause for a time.

If you find your home to be a place of stress, it is likely time for a slower season.

3. Be Okay with Saying No

After reading above you might be saying “but we can’t stop X or Y”. But let me assure you, YES YOU CAN. It is okay to pause events and to say no to others for a time in order to focus inwardly.

Your family is the most important thing and if your schedule and constant commitments have you away from your family more than with them, it is time to say no to the busy and yes to slowing down.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be forever. Take a few weeks or months off. Focus on the family and make life at home a bit calmer. Then slowly work at returning to events and activities making the ones that fill your (and your family’s) cup the highest priority.

You might even find that you didn’t truly love some of what you were doing before.

4. Have a Morning Routine for Mom

Being the one that set the tone of the family is a big responsibility and it doesn’t happen without a bit of work. One of the most important things we have to work on is ourselves.

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Moms simply cannot be their best when they don’t feel their best. You have to pour into yourself the same way you pour into your family.

One of the best and easiest ways to pour into yourself is to create and honor a personal morning routine.

5. Embrace Slow Times When They Come

When life is chronically busy, a slower schedule feels foreign and we often try to fill the blank schedule but what if you didn’t?

Instead of feeling like you always have to have a full plan for the day, rest in the slow times. Simply sit. Read a book. Sit in the uncomfortableness of slow times because life isn’t meant to always be busy. With slower days you will notice a decrease in your household stress.

6. Stop Cramming Every Moment Full of Stuff

Continuing with number 5, don’t feel like you have to have something planned all the time. Just like kids sometimes have a hard time with being bored, so do adults. It is okay to be bored. Allow yourself time to rest and just be.

7. Declutter Your Home

Of course, this would be on the list because it is so important. Clutter is often fuel to a stress fire.

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By decluttering your home you free yourself of extra cleaning and tidying and this will, in turn, decrease your household stress. Your home will not only physically feel lighter but mentally you will also feel the weight lifted. A home with less clutter feels more welcoming and less overwhelming.

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