How To Declutter Your Home

How to declutter your home

It is the first week of January and all around us there is talk of new year’s resolutions. And you might be hearing more and more people talking about decluttering.

Decluttering: Filling Your Home With What Matters

Decluttering a home is more than just a resolution, it is a process of adopting a new way of living. It is about making the decision to rid your spaces of the broken, unnecessary, and unwanted items.

And in turn, focusing on filling your space only with items that are useful and bring you joy.

Simplified table with items that bring you joy. Declutter your home.

Making the decision to declutter not only tidies your space but also lightens your load and often decreases the overall household stress and anxiety. This leaves you with time and energy to dedicate to things that really matter to you.

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Important Decluttering Tips

When decluttering any space it is important to consider and follow the following tips:

1. Declutter one space at a time

When the energy and motivation to declutter strikes, you might find yourself ready to plow through your home with a box to collect the things you want out.

But decluttering, if not done in steps, can quickly escalate to a larger mess in your house. A larger mess can sometimes feel overwhelming and you’ll stop to avoid the hassle of the mess before you really make progress.

To keep things from getting out of hand, I recommend tackling one space at a time. This will give you the oppurtunity to really consider each item and thoughtfully remove the excess.

The thoughtful consideration of each item is important to make sure the item(s) or a similar item doesn’t return to the space.

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2. Always remove everything to empty a space

For example, empty kitchen cabinet contents onto the dining table before sorting.

By removing the items from their original home, you will often notice just how many of each item there is. In many cases, we are simply holding on to more than we need.

Additionally, as you remove items you will become aware of just how much space you have and you can begin to view and accept the space with less stuff.

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3. Take this time to clean the spaces often neglected

When was the last time you wiped down the inside of your cabinets?

Likely, when you moved in! So take this time of having everything cleared from a space to give the area a quick clean

4. Remember excessive stuff means excessive cleaning.

The fewer items you have the less likely it is that you will need to clean as often. It is simple, you won’t have as much to dust, wash, scrub, or put away.

So when you are looking and considering each item, also consider your time. Is it worth your time to care for that item? If not, let it go!

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5. Items can elicit emotions and that’s okay

Decluttering your home can sometimes feel unexpectedly difficult. The items in our homes often represent a time or memory for us.

When I was decluttering toys recently I found myself staring (again) at a set of wooden trucks I had bought years ago for my son. He long ago outgrew them but I have so many fond memories and emotions tied to those trucks that I have struggled to let them go.

You may also find yourself struggling with letting things go too. And that is okay! You are not failing.

If you are struggling with letting go of items, ask yourself the following questions

  1. What am I afraid will happen if I get rid of this?
  2. What does this item remind me of and why is that important?
  3. Is there a way I can keep this item so that it serves me?

6. Take time to consider items before making a decision

Once you work through the previous questions you might find one of these solutions will work for you:

  1. Take a picture and journal about the item but then let it go.
  2. Gift the item to someone special who could love it the same as you
  3. Place it into a memory box for your children (this is what I did with the trucks. They are packed away in my son’s memory box)
  4. If the memory of an item brings you joy, make it part of your decor. Fill your home with things that tell your story and fill your heart! Even if it isn’t “magazine worthy”.

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7. Make sure everything has a home

Decluttering your home is the first step but it isn’t where the work ends. After you have decluttered, it is time to put items back in their homes.

Making sure every item has a home will help you and your family keep things tidy for the future.

Decluttering your home and spaces may feel overwhelming, but I promise it is worth it! You will be able to fill your home and space with only the things that bring you joy!

What area of your home are you most looking forward to decluttering? Comment below!


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