How to Create a Yearly To-Do List

Creating a yearly to-do list for your home and life can be a helpful way to stay organized and on top of tasks that need to be completed throughout the year. It can also be a great way to prioritize tasks and make sure you are tackling the most important ones first.

What is a Yearly To-Do List?

A yearly to-do list is a list of things that need to happen each year to maintain your home and life. These are tasks that don’t happen daily or weekly but rather each year and perhaps might be easily forgotten or planned for.

The Benefits of a Yearly To-Do List

Having a yearly to-do list is another way to minimize mental clutter because it moves the to-dos from your brain to paper in a constant way.

As you use your list you can depend on it to keep you in line with accomplishing the routine yearly events and to-dos your home and life require WITHOUT the constant need for reminders.

A yearly to-do list will help to make sure you aren’t forgetting those important things.

What is Included In a Yearly to-do List?:

A yearly to-do list includes all of the tasks, activities, events, etc that you have to accomplish each year. Here are some examples of yearly to-dos:

  1. Household maintenance such as changing air filters, cleaning out the gutters, and having the furnace serviced.
  2. Birthday parties and their prep. This includes when to send out invites, reserve venues, and begin planning.
  3. Routine doctors and dentist appointments. As busy moms, we often forget these but be sure to include your own as well.
  4. Deep cleaning tasks. Include one task per month such as sanitizing the washer, shampooing the carpets, and washing the outsides of windows.

These are just a few of the tasks that occur each year for our home and family. You can also add any additional tasks you can think of.

Here are Some Steps You Can Follow to Create Your Own Yearly to-do List:

1. Assess your current home maintenance needs. Start by walking through your home and making a list of any tasks that need to be completed. Consider things like cleaning, repairs, and upgrades. Take note of any recurring tasks that need to be done on a regular basis, such as changing the air filter or cleaning the gutters.

2. Assess recurrent yearly events in your life. These include events such as buying school supplies, scheduling yearly physicals, and paying for your safety deposit box.

3. Break your list up by month. To help you stay organized and prioritize your tasks, consider breaking them up by month. Keep all of your tasks in the month they need to be completed by. This will help you to plan better in the months prior. You can simply look at the upcoming month and make plans to accomplish the list.

4. Write them down. You can use my Yearly To-Do list printable (BELOW), Google sheets, or some other form that could be shared with your spouse and added to as needed.

5. Consider your budget. As you create your to-do list, consider the cost of each task and how it fits into your budget. Determine which tasks are most important and allocate your budget accordingly. This is a great opportunity to implement sinking funds to budget for these yearly events and to-dos.

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6. Make a schedule. Once you have your to-do list and timeline in place, create a schedule to help you stay on track. A great habit is to check the upcoming month during the month prior. This will help you to set aside the necessary time to get tasks accomplished in the coming month.

7. Get help if needed. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of friends, family, or professionals if you need it. If you have a task that is beyond your skills or time constraints, consider hiring a professional to help get it done.

8. Review and revise your list. As you work through your to-do list, be sure to review and revise it as needed. As I mentioned earlier you will likely add or remove tasks and events from your list as the year progresses. Be open to adjusting your list as needed.

Creating a yearly home to-do list can be a helpful way to stay organized and ensure that all of the tasks around your home and in your life are completed in a timely manner.

By breaking tasks down by the month they are required you can make sure you are tackling the most important tasks first and keeping your home and life in top shape.

Add To Your Household Binder

Once you’ve created your yearly to-do list, add it to your home binder. Keeping this list handy will help you to be sure to tend to it.

Each month as you sit down to plan for the coming month, review your yearly to-do list and be sure to add to your schedule any necessary appointments and meetings. Additionally, take time to schedule a time to work on important projects.

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