Honeymoon Recap

I have been putting off updating on the honeymoon because I was hoping I would have my professional wedding pictures and I wanted to post some of those…. but alas not until the end of the month.

For our honeymoon, we spent a week in Jamaica at the Sandals Whitehouse Resort. It was amazing! The staff was so friendly, the weather was beautiful… it was perfect. 

We loved every second we were there and I could go on for a while how great it was, but I will spare you and give you just a few of the moments.

1. Traveling:

The trip began with an early morning flight (5:30 am) after the wedding. While planning we decided we wanted to get to Jamaica as soon as possible post-wedding. Driving to the airport 3 hours after the reception left us wishing we had, perhaps, given ourselves a little more time to sleep. But the bliss of being married and heading to a beautiful place helped us to survive. When we arrived in Jamaica we had to take a tiny bus/van two hours to the resort. No breakfast + no sleep + curvy, bumpy, Jamaican roads = one upset stomach.

2. The beach.

We spent quite a bit of time on the beach (obviously). We napped, read, enjoyed the water, enjoyed the sun. The weather was amazing and spent hours each day just taking it all in.

3. Scuba diving.

We decided to get certified to scuba dive and loved it so much we went diving each day we were there. It was amazing. Each dive was better than the last.

On our last dive, we saw a 15-20 foot stingray, tons of beautifully colored fish, a 12-inch starfish, and I had a suckerfish that tagged alongside me for the whole dive. We loved every second and can’t wait to plan another trip and going diving again.

I know I might be biased but this was the perfect honeymoon. It was amazing. I loved getting to spend the whole week just the two of us. It was bittersweet coming home but I was happy knowing this was just the start of our married life together. Words can’t describe how much I love this boy.


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