How to Organize Your Home Projects

Household Projects Organization

When we moved into our house 3 years ago, we had a whole list of home projects we wanted to complete for this house.

We loved the house the moment we walked the door but at the same time, there were a number of projects we wanted to complete to really make the house our home.

Overwhelmed to Paralysis

Once we started talking about what we wanted to do and change, the sheer size of the list quickly became overwhelming.

It felt like every room had projects we wanted to complete.

Even though many of the projects were small and would take no more than a few hours to complete, having so many to-dos made it difficult to find the motivation to step forward with a single one.

When project lists grow to be quite large it is common to feel so overwhelmed you feel paralyzed, not knowing where to begin.

I knew that we would have to get our ideas for home projects organized before we would be able to move forward in an efficient and budget-friendly manner.

Home Project Organization

The key to tackling any large project is to break it up into achievable tasks.

Turning our house into our home was no different. In fact, it was the biggest project of our lives at that moment.

In order to make sure we would be able to complete the home projects without breaking the bank, I wanted to write out every home project we had in mind.

Getting everything written down was the key to clearing the mental clutter and getting a game plan established.

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Home Project Organization Printable

Initially, I took to my trusty notebook to organize the projects. But then I decided to make something a bit prettier.

Printable for home project organization

For this printable, each space is given its own section. Beneath each section, I wrote out a list of every project or thing I wanted to change or update in that room or space.

Admittedly, our home projects list was pretty long at first, but having it broken up by room and project, made it seem achievable

I love this printable because it helps to keep track of everything that I want to complete. Each weekend or whenever we feel like we will have some time, we pick a project and complete it.

As you progress through the list you simply cross it off and move on to the next thing.

After 3 years we have crossed a number of projects off our initial list.

Works for All Sized Home Projects

Owning a home means there is almost always something that needs to be done (or that you want to be done).

Printable for home projects

The great thing about this printable is you can add literally any project you are wanting to complete. Perhaps it is as big as repainting a room or retiling the shower. Or perhaps it is something as simple as touching up the paint in the hall or fixing a squeaky hinge.

By keeping a running list of these projects somewhere, you are able to remove that from your mental database. This will decrease your stress and anxiety!

In order to make the most of this tool, make sure you write down any home projects as they come to mind.

Next time you walk by a room and remember that you want to fix or change something, pull out your list and add it there. There is no need to try and remember later!

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Printable for home project organizer


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