For some time now I have been sewing baby things and giving them away as gifts to any and all of my soon-to-be mommy friends. Not yet having any children of my own, I found it a bit strange how relaxing I found it to sew these tiny little things. But alas, I have given into my joy and began sewing enough products to sell…thus the birth of my own little slice of Etsy….knottonest

As I sew I try new things and techniques here and there and when I have successfully mastered the skill I move the product to an “able to sell” drawer in my craft space. For now I focus mainly on burp cloths, blankets, and bibs but hopefully I will continue to broaden my scope.

So here’s a quick, shameless 20ish word plug…..

If you’re in the market for baby gear or have a soon to be mommy friend and are looking for the perfect handmade gift….please stop by my shop 🙂


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