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A few weeks ago the hubs snapped a few pictures of me finishing up my workout after we ran to the park to let the kids play. When I first looked at these pictures, my thoughts were focused on every flaw. I didn’t like how I looked. I could see all the weight I wanted to lose. Frankly, I contemplated just deleting the whole lot of them.

But then I remembered how I FELT while he was snapping these pictures. I FELT strong. I FELT confident in what I was doing. I FELT healthy and as though I was making progress on my goals.

healthy journey for mom

It is a tricky thing trying to re-build one’s self confidence. After so many years of struggling with self confidence, it has been really difficult to treat myself with kindness and grace. The first thing I notice is my flaws and my areas I want to improve.

That is what this journey is all about for me. I want to create the head space and thoughtfulness that provokes positivity and grace towards myself and my ‘flaws’. I am working to love myself throughout this journey rather than judging myself until I get to a certain point.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have weight to lose. Weight that I both need and want to lose. But it isn’t just about the number on the scale, there is so much more I am looking to gain from while on this journey. I also want to learn to begin gauging progress with strength improvements, how I feel, my mental clarity, my better food choices and so on.

Healthy Mom journey

To do that I have decided to share my progress along this journey in two ways. Each week I will share my non-scale victories first because it isn’t just about the weight. And after all, these are the ones that deserve the greatest celebration. But then I will also share my progress towards losing 25 pounds because it too is a piece of my overall goal. 

This week’s Non-Scale Victories:

  • Successfully prepping lunches and sticking with them
  • Being diligent on my water intake each day
  • Not punishing myself for missing workouts or eating worse than I should have. I felt the desire to complete a hard run or workout to “make up for my mistakes” but instead I gave myself grace and completed a normal intensity workout. 

So what do you say friends? Would you like to celebrate success and progress each week by sharing your achievements? If so, share below! If you are just starting your journey share your goals and areas you want to improve.



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