Halloween Home Tour 2018

Halloween decor ideas

I am a lover of holidays and also holiday decorations. Christmas is usually the only holiday of the year where I go all out but I also like put some Halloween (and autumn) love around the house when the weather starts to cool. 

Over the years I have opted for purchasing fewer, more intentional pieces rather than lots of decorations that will likely only last the one season. 

For the outdoor decorations I purchased a bright purple mum and combined it with the pumpkins and gourds we bought at the pumpkin patch this year. 

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We haven’t carved the pumpkins yet, but in the next week or so we will carve them and have the lit up for Halloween night. 

This wooden sign is new this year. I used some scrap wood we have from one of our millions of house projects and simply stained and painted it. The ghosts are the kids’ footprints (if you couldn’t tell). 

Halloween Decor for outside

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Front porch Halloween Decor

My mom and I found the cute ghost lanterns at a local antique store in late August. I couldn’t help but snag them for outside. 

Halloween Decor for Outside

Throughout most of the house there are simple touches of autumn and Halloween sprinkled about. In the past I have done more Halloween specific decor but this year I kept it simple. 

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The fireplace mantel is, I guess you could say, the epicenter of Halloween decor. We are working on painting the fireplace so please ignore the poor primed fireplace. 

Halloween Fireplace Decorations

These little brass owls were another antique store find years ago (also with my mom…we like to antique!) and I adore them! Initially they were permanent fixtures in our house but overtime I decided to keep them in with the fall decor. 

Halloween Decorations

On our coffee/drink bar I have a few more glitter pumpkins that I bought this year at the Dollar Tree. Up top I have a sweet picture I bought on discount at Joann Fabrics last year.

Halloween decorations
Our not updated letter board 

Halloween decorations

These little jack-o-lanterns were little foam pumpkins I purchased from the dollar tree and drew faces on. They are stacking in a little black cast iron pot that (surprise!) I picked up from an antique store. 

Simple Halloween Decorations

So there you have it folks! That is what the Halloween season looks like around our parts. Are you big decorators at Halloween time or do you prefer a more subtle approach? Comment below!


Halloween and Autumn decor ideas

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