Goodwill Outlet Experience

There is absolutely no other way to describe the trip the hubs and I took to the Goodwill Outlet than to call it an experience. I first heard about the Goodwill Outlet from the blogging world. A few ladies gushed over these awesome deals they found and they talked about this “pay by the pound” concept that blew my mind. I am a lover of great deals and a thrift store lover, so I was dying to check this place out. Lucky me a Google search revealed three to choose from in the area. So after dinner the hubs and I decided to see what it was all about.

Upon entering the warehouse we realized really quickly that these were not your casual, slow-paced-enjoy-the-day-Goodwill shoppers. These people are fierce. We watched from afar as the Goodwill employees wheeled in large bins filled with a variety of stuff. As they wheeled them in the crowd seemed to collect around the new, fresh bins. It was the unspoken thing to do… like a herd people moved instinctively to these new bins. At the sound of the last bin slamming into place the group moved on the newly placed merchandise like seasoned pros. As I watched people quickly decide which objects were of value and which weren’t I realized I was out of my league. I was fearful of losing an arm if I should so much as move in to further inspect a possible item of interest. It wasn’t long before I realized if I was even remotely interested in something I should just grab it… pondering over decisions was a luxury reserved for the non-outlet shoppers.

I watched as people filled their bags, carts, and arms with broken solar lights, rolls of yarn, and stuffed animals of all varieties. I was mostly impressed by those that came with their own bags and wore gloves [although the idea of needing gloves was slightly terrifying].
Apologize for the crappy phone picture quality
I also found some of the objects “for sale” a bit on the scary and unusual side. I am now forever grateful for the thinning-out process that exists at other thrift shops.
All in all though I will admit it wasn’t a bad experience because if you are quick enough chances are good that you might score a few good finds. And the best part is you literally do pay by the pound. In fact I paid only $4.00 for all my treasures. These were obtained only once I found the nerve to get close to a newly brought out bin. 
So if you are a thrifter of any sort I would highly recommend trying out your local Goodwill Outlet. Don’t go with expectations, instead go for the experience and the off chance that you might find something worthwhile. Oh and it is probably a good idea to wear gloves.


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