Front door decor

Easy, DIY Front Door Decor

There are plenty of awesome things about owning a home, but I think my most favorite is the ever-changing front door decor.

Having lived in our home for only 10 months I haven’t taken advantage of all the possible options, but here are front door decor crafts of 2012.

1. Monogram:

I love using the M of our last name to decorate and the front door is a great place to display it.

This “M” was an afternoon project and consisted of a $4 paper mache letter from Joann’s, cotton yarn in grey (I am loving all shades of grey these days), and ribbon I had leftover from a previous project. In total, this project cost me $6.

Easy, DIY front door decor
Easy, DIY front door decor
Easy, DIY front door decor

2. DIY Halloween Front Door Decor:

I love the holidays. I was so excited to decorate and in early September I began littering our house with festive decor.

This front door wreath was thought of, created, and hung all in one evening. I purchased all the supplies at the Dollar Tree and the whole haunted ring cost me a whopping $5.

3. Easy, DIY Christmas Front Door Decor

I was beyond excited to make a Christmas wreath this year. I spent some time in early November perusing Hobby Lobby, Joann’s, and Michaels looking for the perfect pieces.

After collecting all the pieces I spent the weekend putting it all together. Gluing 12 feet of ribbon to the cardboard M was time-consuming, but when I saw it completed I couldn’t have been happier. I love how it looks!  


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