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Summertime is officially here and that means school has finished up for our little homeschool crew. Our days are expected to be filled with loads of playing, time outside, yummy treats, and all the water activities we can stuff into these warmer months.

Though our days will be focused on fun and relaxing, it is also important that they continue to practice their skills from this last school year.

Summer Reading Goal

Reading in our home is important. We have books in nearly every room and the Hubs and I have read bedtime books to the kids since they were babies. Seeing the value and joy in reading is one of the gifts we want to pass on to our children and this summer will be no different.

When we complete school throughout the year keeping those reading skills fresh is easy, but come summer and it can be hard to keep those skills sharp.

To keep practicing those skills without formal school lessons, I have designed a summer reading log for both kids.

Summer Themed Reading Tracker for summer reading

How Does it Work?

The summer reading tracker includes 50 summer-themed pictures that represent one book. For Asher, he will read 50 books and color in one picture after each book is finished.

The books he is reading are not long chapter books but they also are not simple board books either. He is reading level 1-3 readers (or the equivalent) from home or the library. These books are slightly longer and take more than a minute to read through but they are not yet as intense as a chapter book. He is challenged by some words and has to use his phonetic skills to sound words out.

Summer Reading Tracker to track books read over the summer

The greatest part of using these types of books (over simple board books) is they are generally characters or themes he enjoys and he is in control of the books he chooses. It is fun to watch him pick out his books and then experience the storyline while he is reading. Sometimes he will stop reading to tell me what he thinks is going to happen or he will add commentary to the story.

For the Younger Kids

Having a reading challenge doesn’t have to be just for the bigger kids. Our sweet Ellery is newly 5 and doesn’t yet know how to read independently BUT she loves to have books read to her. So her summer reading goal is to read with mom or dad, 50 books.

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Just like Asher she will pick out books from home or the library, and the Hubs or I will read them to her. Reading with her helps to foster that love of reading and helps her with letter identification and sounds.

A Prize at the End

Now, I would be lying if I said Asher woke up one morning and said he was going to read 50 books this summer. Don’t get me wrong, he loves books but having an incentive at the end has made this a goal and challenge for him to chase.

I decided to let each of the kids pick one “big” prize for when they complete their goal. For Asher, he has selected a full day of fun at the local go-kart and arcade. And for Ellery, she has requested to get her ears pierced and get candy from the candy store.

Summer reading log for kids

I wrote out their prize on their sheet and both sheets now have a home on our fridge. We have only been at this challenge for two days and they are both begging to read!

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Summer themed printable for tracking books read


Summer Tracker for logging summer reading


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