Free Decluttering Printable for 2023

As begin to move into 2023 one of the things I have decided to take on is the big task of a HUGE reassessment and declutter of our home.

In recent months I have found that our home has filled again with more than we need. Add to that, that our youngest is now potty-trained and fully out of baby gear and you can see how I have a home that needs some attention.

This year I will be working to declutter 2,023 items from my home. Yes, that’s right, two thousand and twenty-three items. It is a big task but one that I think will be much appreciated in our home.

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After sharing this news on Instagram last week, I had several folks comment with excitement and so I have decided to share this 2,023 items in 2023 printable with you! Click below to get your own copy!

Get Your Own Copy of the 2023 Declutter Printable

Let’s Do This Together!

If you are ready to tackle the clutter in your home too, grab your free declutter printable and share your progress with me on social media. You can find me on Instagram. Be sure to use the tag #2023gonein2023


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