First Wedding Anniversary

One year ago I said “I do” to this amazing man. I can’t believe it has already been a year! I have spent the last year loving the life we are creating. It has been such a fun ride and I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of this adventure unfolds. I love you Jacob!

I’m no expert in any sense but I like to think my last year of marriage provided me with a few pearls of wisdom and so here are my “lessons learned”.

Lessons From a Not-so-Newly-Wed:

1. You will argue and sometimes it will be over really stupid stuff. This doesn’t mean your marriage is doomed or that you and your husband are “worse” than all your other married friends. It means you are human and that you are sharing a life and a home with another human being. And sometimes that human being [no matter how much you love them] gets on your nerves. The important part is not to get hung up on the little things. Instead laugh about the fact that you just spent 20 minutes ranting about how to squeeze the toothpaste tube properly. [ps: it’s from the bottom in an orderly fashion, not palming it like a heathen]

2. Don’t jump onto the crazy-lady [or man] bandwagon and think that your spouse’s method of obtaining toothpaste means they secretly hate you and regret ever walking down the aisle. Holding onto things and internally developing giant, mammoth-sized grudges is a recipe for disaster. Talk about things openly and honestly.

3. Have fun, laugh, and enjoy the little things. My grandmother told me once not to rush and to take time as husband and wife to enjoy the little things. So who cares if you spend Friday night in your pj’s watching re-runs of Lost while eating pizza?! These are the moments you will look back on when you are old and gray. Not everything has to be a spectacle.

4. Always say “I love you”. It’s important and you never know what tomorrow holds.

5. This marriage is YOUR marriage, so don’t go comparing it to everyone else’s. You and your spouse will have your own trials and struggles, but you’ll also have your own memorable moments, laughs, and great times. Never assume your marriage is flawed because it’s not like the outward picture you see of everyone else’s. Every marriage has its own issues. Have fun with your spouse making your marriage into its own beautiful thing.

What pearls of wisdom has your years of wedded bliss brought you?


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