First Pregnancy First Trimester Lessons

First trimester lessons learned from a first time mom

I can’t believe we are already into the 2nd trimester! It felt like a lifetime before we would get here.

We were nearly out of the first trimester when we spilled the beans to the world at 11 weeks but I got my positive tests when I was only 4 weeks along.

The first trimester felt longer than I ever remember 12 weeks feeling… my first trimester can be pretty perfectly summed up by this picture:

First trimester lessons

The first trimester was filled with lots of learning… here are just a few things I learned:

1. Nausea without vomiting is like a sick [so punny] joke! I have never wished I could just throw up so much in my whole life! [who knows if I would have felt the same way if I was throwing up]. This constant nausea during the first trimester was difficult and not what I expected. Thankfully hard candy is a blessing and helped more than I could have imagined.

2. The exhaustion they say is a “first symptom of pregnancy” is not just tired… it is, fall over, dead-to-the-world, fatigue. There was more than one day I slept for more than 11 hours. I am not even ashamed… this human growing business is hard work!

3. Food “cravings” are fictional! Food aversions, on the other hand, are my new normal. I dislike more foods now than I ever have. Though my daily nausea is gone I still can’t eat much food without feeling like I want to throw up. Restaurants and foods I used to love are like my worst enemies now. I think the world of pickles and chocolate is not in my future, I’ll stick with my saltines and water [stupid society norms have failed me!]

4. Prenatal vitamins weren’t as bad as everyone made them seem. And my skin and hair look FABULOUS! This is one good, great thing that pregnancy has given me. My skin is darn near flawless and my hair has grown 4 inches!! And my hair is so soft and healthy! Thank you, Baby!

5. Exercise is a lifesaver! I could not have survived numero uno without my daily runs. Sometimes it took everything I had to get up and go but every single time I returned home feeling 100% better than when I left.

6. 20 weeks might as well be forever! This is still one I am struggling with… I just want to know what we’re having already!! This first trimester took forever but 20 weeks feels even longer. Kudos to all you Team Green supporters, I don’t know how you do it! [Only 5 more weeks!!]

7. And finally… it is amazing how a baby in utero, even one the size of a poppyseed, makes you so unbelievably happy!

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