Farmer’s Market Birthday Party

Farmers Market Themed birthday party

Our little baby girl is one year old and we celebrated with a Farmer’s Market Birthday Party!

How can it possibly be that we are already celebrating her turning ONE?! It feels like this last year has flown by so much faster than Asher’s first year did! Second child probs I suppose. 

Since finding out I was having a baby girl, I have been super excited about getting to, perhaps, experience things other than trucks, bugs, dirt, and dinos. So this first birthday party planning was so much fun!

For Ellery’s theme we decided on a farmer’s market. We wanted something summer-y and fun but a bit unexpected. Plus the gingham pattern is so adorable! 

Farmer's Market Birthday Ideas

Easy Party Decorations

Decorations were minimal and easy. I found ‘picnic’ themed plates, table clothes, and serving ware at the Dollar Tree. Paired with burlap, houseplants, and some wooden crates we were farmer’s market ready.

We also included a line of pictures from birth through her first year along the fireplace. More pictures were used to create a giant “1” on the wall.

My favorite part were the signs I painted on reclaimed wood from a local antique store. One simply said her name and one said “Farmer’s Market”. The one with her name will be hung in her room. The signs were easy and it was fun to put a personal touch on her party.

The menu included summer bbq favorites: grilled hotdogs, chips, pasta salad, veggies, baked beans, potato salad, and coleslaw. 

Farmer's Market Birthday Party Ideas

For her cake I made the same banana cake I made for Asher only I added berries for decoration. I must say this go around was much prettier than Asher’s (ha!). 

Farmer's Market Birthday Ideas

To tie into the summer-y, farmer’s market theme, I opted for angel food cake with berries and whip cream  for the guests.

Farmer's Market Birthday Ideas

The day was filled with friends and fellowship and food! Lots of food. And our little human hoover loved all the food!

Farmer's Market Birthday Ideas

Highchair Decorations

To follow the Farmer’s Market theme, I made a burlap and gingham banner for the front of her high chair.

The banner was one of my favorite pieces! It was super easy to make too! I used pinking shears to cut strips of the gingham fabric and simply tied it around a long piece of twine. The “one” burlap banner was hand painted and hot-glued to the twine as well. 

And yes that is a tooth brush that she wanted and refused to put down. Can’t say no to the birthday girl!

Birthday Cake Fun

Ellery wasn’t all that certain about the cake but she really enjoyed the berries! 

Farmer's Market Birthday Ideas
Farmer's Market Birthday Party Ideas
Farmer's Market Birthday Party Ideas
Farmer's Market Birthday Ideas

Farmer’s Market Party Activity and Entertainment

With each of my kiddo’s birthday I like to try and come up with a “thing” for the kids to do. Some sort of activity that kids can participate in and have a little “take home” project.

For this Farmer’s Market Birthday Party, most of the kiddos invited were between 1 and 6 so I opted for PAINT.

We laid a table cloth in under the shade of a tree and each child got a canvas and brushes and access to a variety of kid safe, washable paints. It was messy but it was a hit!

Farmer's Market Birthday Ideas
Farmer's Market Birthday Party Ideas
Farmer's Market Birthday Party Ideas

Farmer’s Market Themed Party Favors

When all our friends were ready to head home they were given a little flower kit that included dirt (in a ziplock baggie), pot, and seed packet, to grow their very own flower. 

Farmer's Market Birthday Ideas. Farmer's market birthday party favor.

By the end of it all, Miss Ellery was sooo tired. She snuggled with daddy for a minute before finally giving in and passing out. Needless to say I think she had a good time. 

Farmer's Market Birthday Party Ideas

Happy first birthday little love!

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