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Pregnancy Announcement

We are so excited to announce our third pregnancy! We are so excited that we will be adding another little one to our family at the end of the summer!

Baby number three pregnancy announcement.

Being from a larger family, I knew pretty early on that I wanted a bigger family. I love the joy-filled chaos that comes with having a larger family. I personally have always dreamed of having a home filled with our kiddos.

As of now I am currently 16 weeks along and am so happy to be well into the second trimester!

Being a relatively impatient person, I just couldn’t wait to take a test. With both of my other pregnancies, I got a positive test before my missed period. This one was no different! Much to the hub’s protest, I took a handful of tests before my cycle was late. After four tests (over four days ha!) I got the big ol’ positive. My impatient nature gave me a positive at just over three weeks pregnant.

Third Pregnancy First Trimester Recap

Baby Update:

Baby was seen on ultrasound at 11 weeks and was measuring about a week ahead in size. Baby’s heart rate has been mid 140’s to low 150’s at both the doctor’s office and at home.

Mama Feeling Physically:

During my pregnancy with Asher, I thought I knew what morning sickness was. Goodness was I wrong! My pregnancy with Ellery and now this pregnancy have shown me what true morning sickness is like. All I have to say is, bless all of you mamas that have endured extreme sickness! You are my heros!

Right at the 6-week mark the nausea and dizziness set in with this pregnancy. I have continued to endure nausea, sometimes pretty severe, each day.

I have found that it is the worst in the morning before eating. There have been a handful of times that I have had to lay down because I have felt so dizzy. I haven’t yet found a rhythm for the sickness so each day I just did my best to make it through.

I was hopeful things would improve as I progressed into second trimester but so far my days still include daily bouts of morning sickness.

It is likely due to the other two little people I have to keep alive, but in this pregnancy, I have found myself much more tired. Seriously, all I want to do is sleep.

Mama Feeling Mentally/Emotionally:

Perhaps it was the stressful birth of Ellery, but this pregnancy has been filled with a bit of worry and anxiety. I have found myself worrying about every little thing without much reason to be so concerned.

I am looking forward to days of big ol’ kicks to the ribs that help to remind me baby is doing just fine.

It hasn’t yet hit me that this is our last pregnancy. I know there will be times (soon) that I have to accept the fact that we are transitioning out of baby carrying days. I know it will be a thing I mourn, but for now, this just seems like the perfect last piece to our family.

Maternity Clothes?:

So people were not lying when they said your body just “knows what to do” each pregnancy. I was out of my regular clothing pretty quickly.

By 10 weeks I was struggling to make my regular clothes work and by 12 weeks I was fully into my stretchy-waisted maternity pants.

It wasn’t a matter of gaining much weight, but rather my body shifted quickly to carrying weight in the front.

I noticed (sorry if this is TMI) heavy bloating and belly gain quickly. So much so that I was legitimately wondered if I was carrying twins.

With both of my previous pregnancies I actually lost weight in the first trimester, but with this one I have held steady so far despite the decreased appetite and morning sickness.

Mama Missing Anything?:

Nothing other than feeling rested. As I mentioned above this pregnancy has been harder on my physically than the previous two.

I suspect some of the tired is coming from not being as physically active this go around as I was with my first two. I am looking forward to warmer weather to get back into a normal and regular workout routine.

Food Cravings:

Nothing of note so far. In fact I have already started having the “hungry but don’t want anything” part of eating. I think all of the heavy winter foods were just too much for my unsettled tummy.

Baby’s Gender:

We don’t know yet but I am mostly leaning girl. I haven’t felt as strong of a gut-feeling one way or the other as I did with my first two pregnancies.

The morning sickness and the rougher first trimester has me leaning girl but in our first ultrasound baby was already measuring slightly ahead so that had me thinking boy.

Of course we just want a healthy baby and are just so blessed to be able to experience the miracle of carrying a child a third time.

Exercise Routine:

As I mentioned above, it is not where I would like it to be. I have run and cycled a few times but nothing as regular as I wish it were.

Exercise was so helpful in keeping up my energy and keeping the sickness at bay with both of the other kiddos. But the winter weather here in Indiana has been so harsh I haven’t completed many workouts.

As the weather warms I will slowly work back into regular workouts.

Differences from Other Pregnancies:

Pregnant body got into gear really quickly this time. I was carrying weight in the front of my body early on and certainly looked “questionably pregnant” from before 10 weeks.

The morning sickness and fatigue has felt amplified this pregnancy. And it doesn’t seem to be letting up as quickly into the second trimester as it did the other times.

The worry and concern has sadly trumped the joy at times. I am beyond blessed to be this baby’s mama and be able to carrying this developing life. But with so much unknown regarding my daughter’s birth, I am finding myself somewhat detached at times. I am afraid something will go wrong with the baby. Each day I am working and praying for peace and giving myself permission to just enjoy it all.

Mama’s Favorite Part so Far:

Of course, finding out was a load of fun. I was so impatient I took those four tests in four days and watching the line slowly appear darker and darker was such fun.

I love to see other tiny babies about knowing we will have another little squish in our home before we know it.

Hearing baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Each time is so special but this one actually brought me to tears. It was like he or she was saying “mama I am alright in here”.

Telling the kids was a ton of fun! We gave them a bag with a “big brother” and “big sister” shirt and a picture from my first ultrasound.

Ellery was more concerned that Asher had additional goodies in his bag (he didn’t). And Asher thought the ultrasound was of him or Ellery. It took a few minutes for them to understand it was a picture of their NEW brother or sister.

Asher obviously has a better grasp of what a little sibling is and is excited. He believes it is a girl. Ellery I think is mostly excited to have a baby around. She has taken to loving to play baby dolls lately so I think she is excited to have a real one in the house soon.

Shortly after we told the kids, we were at Buy Buy Baby and let them pick out an outfit. Of course we have an attic full of their old clothes but this little one will get a few new pieces and it was fun letting them decide.

I look forward to sharing more with you as we prepare to welcome this third little bundle to our clan. Feel free to share all tips for managing the crazy of three little ones!

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