Blue Painters Tape Fail

My wonderful Grandma told my husband and I early on in our home buying experience to take our time making the house our home. She has the greatest memories of her and my Grandpa turning their first house into the home that raised their four kids and has been around for all us grandkids and great-grandkids.

Well the hubs and I took Grandma’s advice and progress on our lovely little home has been slow going at best. Ok so let’s be real… buying a house only a few months before our wedding date didn’t afford us a lot of time to change much after we got the keys. And it was an accomplishment to get our basics unpacked. It wasn’t until a month or so after our wedding [5 months after move in day] that we really got down to business getting things repainted  and decorated. But since then, whenever we I find spare time we I work to cross “home to-dos” off the list.

Recently I decided to tackle our master bedroom. When we moved in the walls were painted a lovely 1995 shade of peach. {the hubs says tan, but I’m sticking with peach} I despised the color but not nearly as much as I disliked the idea of sleeping on an air mattress for one more second. So the first thing we set up once all our stuff was moved out of the moving trailer was the bed. The plan was to repaint the bedroom that first week in the house, but as they say, time flies, and it wasn’t until one year later I FINALLY got around to painting the bedroom.
Now as a good little DIY painter I did everything just as I should… I cleaned the walls thoroughly with a vinegar/water solution, I repaired all nail holes, and finally I used the blue painters tape to tape off EVERY. FREAKING. INCH of trim. The trim was in pretty good shape but it still needed of a new coat of good ol’ white paint to touch it up. And it is a lot easier to cover faded white with pretty clean white then it is to cover GREEN and faded white. I thought that fancy $3/roll tape would give me the smooth lines it promises on the commercials! Not even close!
Now I am not new to the house painting rodeo. In fact prior to this disaster I had successfully painted our entire living room with 15 foot cathedral ceilings. And even before that I had painted my apartment with no problem. I am nervous to say I actually enjoyed painting. But now any time I see a roll of that failed-promises-blue tape I want to punt it out my back door.
Thankfully though I have done some research looked on Pinterest {God love the wonderful people who created that site} and found some tips and tricks to fix and/or prevent future painting and trim issues and I thought I would share them with any other trim-hating-DIYers out there.
Tips and Tricks
{from the more successful DIYers out there}

1. This genius gal used a putty knife. So awesome. In fact I’ve already used this method to fix the troubled spots and not only does it work but it is so fast. Word of caution though…always pay attention to what side goes against the wall. I may have put the painted on side against the wall once or twice. Oops.


2. This post was great for explaining how to use the vile blue tape. I followed all these tips, including to “burnish” the tape. Still had issues but she does a great job explaining it and perhaps you all will have better luck. ALSO…I followed this post and learned a bit about caulking and plan to give caulking a try to fix some problem areas. [more on the caulk/trim relationship here]


Another thing my Grandma has said is that “owning a home is all about learning”. Well you’re right Grandma…I am learning a lot! Like sometimes commercials lie! Anyhow…I will post pictures soon of the finished master bedroom, where all the trim will be white and free of green.

Happy painting friends!



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