Ellery: One Month

I can’t believe it has already been one month?! Folks, they aren’t kidding when they say it goes by so much faster after the first. With Asher I thought the time was flying but now with two kiddos to keep alive I realize how quickly time really does pass.

But anyhow…on to the good stuff. Our little lady is officially one month old! The last month has been a roller coaster in the best of ways. As you know her entrance into the world was little rocky and unexpectedly sooner than we had anticipated but it took no time at all to settle into a routine as a family of four.


1 month 


7lbs 11.5 oz 

Happenings This Month: 

Adjusting to 2 littles wasn’t nearly as difficult as I had imagined. There have been some rough patches as I am having to adjust how I do things because of healing from the c-section.

I hadn’t planned to be unable to do so much with Asher. It has been difficult in that regard because Asher is still very much in need of our attention and wants to be picked up and carried.

We’ve had to teach him to climb up into Mommy’s lap and Jacob does a great job at sitting him in my lap. Ellery has been a pretty chill and easy baby. She nurses like a champ and sleeps pretty easily.

Asher LOOOVES his “babee sisser” and it is so great seeing him hold her and love on her.

Ellery has developed a pretty crazy case of baby acne. Asher never had this so it has been a new thing for us. Poor girl looks like a pre-teen. She still has nearly all of her dark brown hair. I am hoping it sticks around for a while.  

While nursing is going well we did have her evaluated for a tongue tie and just like Asher she had a posterior tongue tie and lip tie that we had corrected at 4 days old. Doing it early meant we could correct poor latch issues now and hopefully prevent any future issues


She is still in newborn diapers. Mostly still in disposables but also our small newborn stash of cloth. Our tiny lady is still in newborn clothes. Some pieces are getting a tad short but she swims in 3-month pieces. Luckily she is a summer baby so she is almost always in a romper or onesie. She is also in adorable headbands as often as possible.


As I mentioned above, we had her evaluated for a lip and posterior tongue tie since Asher had this. She too had it and we had it revised at 4 days old. It was pretty obvious she had some issues because she always made the “clicking” sound when nursing and caused me some serious pain and blisters (eep!) before we left the hospital.

She did great through the procedure and has handled the stretches pretty well. The pain is completely gone and the clicking has greatly improved as well. We have started to notice some mild reflux type symptoms, which has been a huge curveball. Asher never, ever spit-up. Seriously I had a bunch of adorable burp cloths and never used them to clean up spit-up. But miss Ellery…oh my that little girl has projectile spit-ups! So many outfits, so much spit-up.


She is sleeping actually pretty well. Aside from a few nights of cluster nursing I have been blessed with an awesome sleeper. She tends to wake every 2-3 hours to feed but I am cool with that because it means I can sustain my milk supply without having to pump.

Occasionally she will party for an hour or two but even then she is just wide-eyed and looking around so it isn’t the ever-feared nights of non-stop crying and sleep-deprived parents. A few nights I have asked Jacob to hold her for an hour or so, so I can get some sleep.

Now please don’t read that to mean I am up and showered each day and looking fabulous. I am still sporting my rightfully earned bags under my eyes, messy hair and yoga pants. But compared to Asher this has been a breeze so far. It likely helps that because of Asher we are sticking to a pretty set routine and so we don’t have a ton of time to focus on being tired.

There have been a few mornings where I was sad to see Jacob leave for work because it meant I was up for the day and had to be full-go until nap time. I have had a few mornings where I gave in and let Asher watch his dinosaurs and trucks on TV and I just tried to stay awake, but overall it hasn’t been that difficult.

Another wonderful thing is that without even trying on my part the kids synced their naps and both nap for 2-3 hours every day so this mama gets a nap most days of the week. Ellery is sleeping with me just like Asher did at this time.

With Asher, I wasn’t comfortable with bed-sharing at first so I didn’t get the greatest sleep when he slept with/on me but my girl and I sleep great. Most nights we sleep on the couch because I am still recovering from my c-section and after trying to get out of the bed our first night home I realized sleeping on the couch was just easier.

She has started to wiggle and squirm a lot though so I am thinking we will be transitioning to the rock and play soon. As we did with Asher, she will also be in our room, likely for the first year. 


  • Being adorable. No, but really.
  • At this point, she is a master nurser.
  • She is getting really good at focusing on objects. She has started to coo though not very often.
  • She has also smiled many times. In the first few weeks it was mostly in her sleep or while nursing we’d get a small grin. But now she will smile sometimes when you’re talking to her. 

Best Moments: 

  • Getting our baby girl Earthside safely. 
  • Finally getting the hang of the parenting two kids thing. 
  • Having Asher meet Ellery for the first time. 

Baby’s Favorites:

  • Being wore. We are loving our Wild Bird Sling, it seriously goes with me everywhere.
  • Eating
  • Being with mom, dad, and big brother

Baby’s Least Favorites:

  • Being away from her mama.
  • The car coming to a stop. She loves riding in the car so long as it remains at a constant speed.


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