Ellery: 8 Months Old


8 months


Not sure.


She is still in cloth diapers. Wearing six and nine-month clothes. Also, we can’t keep socks on her! She loves to pull them off and chew on them. 


She is still nursing but also eating solids one to two times per day. As I mentioned before we opted out of purees this time and instead are doing baby-led weaning.

We still haven’t given her any of the food we eat because I feel better with less complicated things (ie: single ingredients, no seasoning) so I am still making all her food separate. She is loving squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans and especially bananas. 


She is still opting for three naps when she is with me, and one to two when she is at the sitters 2 days a week, although her sleeping has improved there.

What blows my mind is on our days together she easily takes a 2-3 hour nap every afternoon but on the days she is at the sitter’s she is too busy hanging out with her friends because she only naps for one hour if we’re lucky.

Thankfully though she doesn’t seem to mind and is still her energetic self. As for night time, she has been struggling some nights due to teething and all she wants to do is nurse. But thankfully she sleeps with me so I can nurse and sleep at the same time!


  • She has 2 teeth! Finally, they broke through! Teething for Miss E is quite a bit different than Asher so it has been a rocky road for all of us. Asher drooled and got snooty which usually led to an ear infection (not fun times) but otherwise, his demeanor was mostly unchanged. But Ellery gets a rash on her booty, drools like a fountain, her cheeks get all red and chapped, she stops eating, and she gets super fussy! So needless to say I am so glad those teeth are in!
  • She is still sooo close to crawling but still prefers the belly flop/scoot method. So far she will get up into the all-fours position and move one hand and one leg forward before plopping down on to her belly.
  • She still gibbers like she has the most important of stories. 
  • She is sitting up now without any help though when she is done sitting, she is DONE and just plops over so we’ve needed to make sure pillows are around.
  • She is really interested in objects and toys these days. She will pick up a toy and turn it around in her hand, shake it, taste it and really just investigate it. She has started moving toys from hand to hand and banging them together.
  • She likes to pick up toys and drop them on the tile to hear the different sounds. 
  • She loves to wave at people she knows and her reflection.
  • She loves to clap especially when we say “yay!”
  • Her favorite toys are her singing monkey, maracas, and anything Asher has interest in.

Best Moments: 

  • Watching her and Asher play together. She loves to be with him and he is adorable when he takes the time to show her. 
  • Baby’s first Christmas! She was, like all babies, mostly interested in the wrapping paper and boxes but I enjoyed it!

Baby’s Favorites:

  • Baths! She loves splashing Asher in the bath.
  • Eating
  • Being wore

Baby’s Least Favorites:

  • Still doesn’t like getting into the car seat
  • HATED seeing Santa
  • Being away from mom or dad
8 months old
This jelly-faced little man is the best big brother


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