Ellery: 7 Months Old

7 months old

7 months old has been one of the most fun so far. She is so lively and full of personality. She has so much to say and has the greatest smiles. I love seeing the little person she is blossom.


7 months


Not sure but she certainly feels heavier.


Cloth diapers have moved up to the next rise.

She is out of most 6 month pants but still solidly in six-month onesies. She also has started wearing a few 9-month pieces.


She started solids! After a few weeks of dealing with her getting really, very angry when we were eating and she wasn’t, I gave her a few sessions in her highchair to see how she would like it. I didn’t give her food during these times, just toys and she loved it. She has also improved greatly with her sitting and so I decided it was time to try some food. Click here to read more about her transition into solids.


Her sleep has stayed pretty much the same. She still has three naps, 2 short, 1 long, and then sleeps with us in the night time. She has been working hard on getting her teeth through (still nothing) and crawling so she has been waking more in the night but overall no complaints here.


  • She is still scooting around all over the place in a scoot-belly flop sort of motion. It is adorable watching her dig her tiny toes into the ground as she scoots around. She is surprisingly fast!
  • She likes to get up in the crawling position on all fours but hasn’t started moving forward just yet. Jacob bets she will be crawling by Christmas.
  • She is able to sit up if you are there to support her and she is much more comfortable being on the floor playing with other kids now.
  • She used to be with me in a wrap most of the day but now she likes to play with Asher and any baby friends.
  • She is teething like a crazy lady but still shows no signs of the actual tooth yet. Just lots of drool, chewing, biting (eeek) and fussiness.

Best Moments: 

  • She has started “playing shy” when other people talk to her and I am holding her. When they say hi she smiles really big and snuggles her head into my shoulder. She loves the attention and will do it over and over with them if they want.

Baby’s Favorites:

  • Eating solid food
  • Nursing
  • Sleeping with mama
  • Playing with toys that rattle. She has been fascinated by Asher’s sensory bottles I made him when he was her age.

Baby’s Least Favorites:

  • Being overtired
  • Too many people
  • Being wrapped when she doesn’t want to. She now knows how to pop her seat and it makes it difficult to ‘wear’ a stiff board.
  • Being in her car seat if the car isn’t moving
  • Getting her diaper changed


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