Ellery- 6 Months Old

6 months old

No way. I seriously can not believe my baby girl is 6 months old! So much has been happening these last few months and I feel like time is just slipping through my fingers.

I am so ready for this to slow down! Also, a huge mommy fail-I forgot to take her picture this month (sad face) so here are a few snapshots of her this last month.

6 months old


6 months


Not sure but probably close to 14 lbs by now. Growing but still our tiny little lady.


Cloth diapers still on the lowest rise. Finally out of 3-month clothes and into 6-9 months. 


Nursing great but has started biting! She is teething like crazy-drool, grumpiness, drainage…the whole nine yards, and so I think the biting is just more evidence of the teeth coming soon. I am not a fan though! She is like a tiny vice and it nearly brings me to tears!


She sleeps great so long as she is with me. She is more difficult to get to sleep though and now no longer just falls asleep nursing.

She now eats and then wants to walk, sway, and be shushed to sleep. She still sleeps next to me and nurses on and off throughout the night. She has had a few episodes where she wakes up and just wants to be awake and chat for 1-3 hours.

Usually, she and daddy spend some time walking around together during this time. 


  • She is starting to inchworm/army crawl but still prefers rolling to get around.
  • She now says “dada”. She has a loud screech that she uses to tell us she is displeased.
  • She is doing better at sitting up and can fully sit but she only lasts 30 seconds or though before she topples over and is on to the next thing.
  • She has started to grab at our plates and really wants to eat our food but I am waiting until she is sitting up a bit better.
  • She is putting EVERYTHING in her mouth these days. Unlike Asher, she is a drool-er and so we have had to start putting bibs on her because she is soaking her clothes. 

Best Moments:

  • She loves to snuggle and I can’t get enough of her laying on my chest or snuggling her head into my shoulder.
  • I love her tiny chuckle where her eyes squint shut.
  • I love, LOVE her and Asher together. I say it each month but seriously it is the best.

Baby’s Favorites:

  • Being with her little family
  • Grabbing whatever you’re holding
  • Metal spoons-my mom shared this tip with me for teething when Asher was a baby and it is perfect! Both of my kids used metal spoons as teethers.
  • She has started to like her jumparoo a bit more but doesn’t jump as Asher did. Instead, she just lounges and plays.

Baby’s Least Favorites:

  • Being tired
  • Not being with mama
  • Not moving when in the car
  • Having to get into her car seat.


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