Ellery: 4 Months Old

Our little lady is FOUR months old! This month has been one of the most fun so far. Miss Ellery is really starting to show her personality and it has been awesome watching her blossom.

She is quite the diva and gets frustrated when things aren’t exactly as she would like. Our baby girl is so very sweet and loves to get attention. Any time you talk to her or mention how cute she is, she smiles really big and scrunches up her little face. 


4 months old


12 lbs 6.4oz


Cloth diapers and 3 months clothes for the most part. She is pretty long so she has outgrown all her 3 month pjs and has moved into 3-6 or 6 month pjs for length


Continues to eat like a champ! She had 2 more appointments with the PT/Massage therapist and her latch has improved greatly and she is nursing both sides without any issue. I can’t say enough about myofascial work! I highly recommend it!


We have ourselves a little cat napper. Unless she is wrapped on me or sleeping with me she will not nap for longer than 30 minutes. We are still co-sleeping and she continues to sleep pretty well.

As we got closer to the 4 month mark she did follow suit and has started waking more. Sometimes to eat, other times she is just restless. Luckily though, she isn’t a crier. Instead she just wiggles and scoots around until you’re awake with her. 


  • Rolling from back to belly with no hesitation.
  • She can also roll from belly to back but that takes more work and that hasn’t happened but a few times.
  • Pushing up on her hands when on her belly and doing a great job at holding her head up and looking forward when in tummy time.
  • Sort of batting at hanging toys.
  • Pulling toys to her if you sit them in her lap but she hasn’t started reaching for toys just yet.
  • She continues to be a little chatter box. She has soooo much to say!
  • And my favorite new talent/skill is that she has started blowing raspberries. It is adorable!

Best Moments: 

  • Watching her get excited and smile when I come into the room. 
  • Hearing her elaborate stories. Her little face gets so animated
  • The way she grabs our fingers and pulls them into her mouth.
  • The adorable, slobber filled raspberries
  • How much she loves to cuddle and snuggle.
  • When Asher asks to be held while we are holding Ellery and says “yous two babees!”
  • When she rolls over so quickly she can’t process what happened and gets angry that she’s on belly and she lets out a high screech to show her displeasure

Baby’s Favorites:

  • Mommy, Daddy, and big brother
  • Nursing
  • Talking
  • Her toys and sucking her her clothes, wrap, or blanket if she can get it in her mouth.
  • Getting her belly tickled.
  • Seeing herself in the mirror. She loves to look up at the mirror during tummy time.  

Baby’s Least Favorites:

  • Unexpected tummy time.
  • Being tired.
4 months old


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