Ellery: 3 months

It is crazy to me how fast time is going. I cannot believe our little girl is already three months old. It doesn’t seem like that long ago she was just our tiny little bundle.

This month has been a big one for our little girl. We started seeing a physical therapist/massage therapist for some myofascial release because Ellery seems to be pretty tight on her left side likely from her position in the womb at the end and the extraction from my uterus during the c-section.

The tightness we believe is the cause of her not liking to nurse on the right side and her dislike of being strapped in the car seat. The therapist also believes it may be part of the reason she has some reflux issues. We have been to one session so far and have already noticed some improvement!


3 months


11 1/2 lbs


Still in size one diapers and the smallest snaps on her cloth. She is fully into 3-month clothes and has started to move into some of her 3-6 month stuff. She is super long so all her pjs are getting too tight in the toes. 


Earlier this month she had her last follow-up with the dentist to evaluate her lip and tongue tie revision. She was cleared with no reattachment, which is wonderful news! Her reflux symptoms have decreased immensely and she continues to nurse great! 


I have been blessed by God Himself with a great sleeper. She doesn’t nap well unless on me or in my wrap but at night she will sleep and only wakes to nurse and even then she goes back down quickly. Being sleep deprived was one of my biggest concerns with adding a baby to the toddler mix but honestly, she sleeps really, really well.


  • She is getting really great at holding her head up.
  • Babbling more and more.
  • She also continues to smile and has even started laughing.
  • She is rolling to her side but otherwise isn’t interested in going anywhere.
  • She is loving bath time.
  • She hates tummy time with a passion though. She will lift her head up for a few seconds when on her belly.

Best Moments: 

  • I still love watching her and Asher together. I don’t know that it will ever get old (well until they start fighting as most siblings do)
  • Her little grunts that turn to laughs when we tickle her belly
  • Listening to her talk. She talks way more than Asher did at this age. Jacob is worried we will be in for it come teenage years

Baby’s Favorites:

  • Mommy, Daddy, and big brother
  • Nursing
  • The tiger on the bar of her bouncy seat
  • Being in the ring sling. We’ve started facing out sometimes too and she just loves it!  

Baby’s Least Favorites:

  • Tummy time
  • Bottles: we’ve been trying as I go back to work soon and she is NOT interested.
  • Still not loving the car seat. We have to make a few stops every time we go anywhere.


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