Ellery: 10 Months Old

10 months old


10 months


Not sure


Still in cloth, second rise, and 9-month clothes


A girl after my own heart! She loves to eat. She has now tried beef and chicken, oranges, apple sauce, and pears and…she loved them all. She is still nursing and there doesn’t appear to be an end in any near future. She also loves to “eat” any microscopic pieces she can find on the floor, so we have to be diligent with sweeping.


Still naps 3 times a day most days but she has started dropping her evening nap more often. She also is sleeping longer stretches at night which has been a blessing for me.


  • Pulling up onto anything taller than her and taking a few steps
  • While standing will let go and hold on with one hand
  • Moves to sitting on her knees when crawling and will bounce up and down.
  • Loves jumping while you’re holding her.
  • Mimics Asher and will lay on her belly if he is or crawl where ever he goes.
  • Working on more teeth but nothing is through yet.
  • Making more syllable sounds
  • She points to things she wants around the house and lets out a big grunt to tell us “hey go get that for me!”. Most often it is whatever stuffed animals are around or her puffs when they are on the counter.

Best Moments: 

  • She finally let me wrap her in a back carry!
  • Watching the ever-growing love between her and Asher. They really are best friends and it is so wonderful to watch them grow up together. I know they will fight as they grow older but I pray they stay close.
  • I don’t know if this would be a “best moment” but certainly a memorable one. Going to restaurants has become a circus with Miss E. She is THE LOUDEST child on the planet I swear it. When she is hungry, finished eating, or wanting to change anything about her current situation she lets out the loudest squeals and yells. Sometimes she even laughs after because I swear she knows she is being ridiculous.
  • I love when she gets super excited about something because she kicks her little legs, squeals, and points to what she wants. It is adorable.

Baby’s Favorites:

  • All the food
  • Asher’s toys.
  • Climbing on mom and dad and baby brother’s floor bed.

Baby’s Least Favorites:

  • Getting into the car seat.
  • An empty tray when she’s finished eating
  • Getting her diaper changed.
  • Back carries… most of the time.
10 months old
10 months old


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