Easy Toddler Activities: Winter Edition

Easy winter weather activities for Toddlers

As you may have noticed, I am not a huge fan of the cold, winter months. The winter weather can make entertaining an active toddler difficult. So today I wanted to share my favorite winter toddler activities.

Toddler Activities for Winter

We have been blessed with a few random 60 degree days recently but overall we have been trapped indoors most of this winter.

With Asher still being pretty little, I had to be creative with what he could do for fun indoors. I am a huge supporter of easy activities that keep little ones occupied and so here are a few of my recent successes.

1. Bubble Wrap Jumping:

This was an activity that started out with the hubs and I popping some bubble wrap from a recent online purchase.

Toddler winter activities

When Asher tried to pop the bubbles he didn’t have the finger strength to do it so I laid it on down and he began to jump on it. He LOVED it. Sadly this activity only lasts as long as the bubbles do but hey it was a fun few minutes.

2. Finger Painting:

This was was how we created his Valentine cards! He enjoyed playing in the paint. The paint was kid-friendly and wiped off the dining room table really easily so I just let him go to town and he had a blast painting the paper and himself. 

Toddler winter activities
Toddler winter activities

3. Snow Fun Indoors:

Since we are plagued with snowy weather I decided to make the best of it. On a few occasions, I brought some into the house in a baking pan and let Asher play with his construction toys and dinos until it melted. A small tip: lay a towel on the floor and the table to collect any spills.

winter fun for kids

4. Diggers in ‘dirt’:

This is one of my favorite go-to activities! Asher LOVES construction equipment and trucks and the whole auto toy industry so he really enjoys any time his toys can “dig” just like the real ones.

By using a plastic bin or tote you can contain the potential mess and the little one can still enjoy the fun. For smaller more portable (ie: move about the house) fun we use the small tote with cheerios. Asher played with this set up for about 20 minutes before he ate the cheerios and called it quits.

Winter fun for toddlers
toddler activities

For longer play, I set up a larger tote with play sand. I laid out a large sheet and he played for easily 30 minutes before I had to pull him away to eat breakfast. He has since asked for “dirt” and will sit and play with his “diggers” for endless amounts of time. 

Toddler sensory play

The greatest thing about each of these activities is they took no time at all to prepare and Asher loved them.

What successful toddler activities have you and your tots done recently?

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