Easy and Fun Birthday Traditions

We are nearing the end of our busy celebration spring but I didn’t want to wrap it up without sharing some more fun birthday goodness.

Today I wanted to talk a bit about birthday traditions. In my life birthdays are a big deal! They aren’t simply the day you were born. They are a day to celebrate the fact that you are you!

I love taking the time to celebrate each of my kids’ and the hub’s birthdays because I want them to know they are loved and to feel like they matter.

One of the best ways to make the day(s) fun is some simple birthday traditions. Traditions don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Simply doing fun things will make the birthday boy or girl feel so cherished.

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Here is a look at some of my favorite (simple) birthday traditions:

1. A Birthday Book

This is a tradition we started with Asher on his first birthday. Each year we buy the kids a book that follows the theme of that year’s birthday party. We then ask all guests to sign the book, leaving the kids with a message on their special day.

Birthday Party Books

As they grow older the books will likely take on a different look and perhaps won’t follow a theme. They might even eventually only include a message from the hubs and me. But for now, these books are full of little notes from those who love them and they cherish them!

Birthday book traditions

Over the years they will have amassed a collection of books that hold priceless memories for them.

Even now both Asher and Ellery like to gather their birthday books and listen as the hubs or I read their birthday messages.

2. Choosing Your Birthday Dinner

This tradition started when Asher was 5 years old and I imagine it will be enjoyed for many years.

As a kid getting to make any sort of independent decision about your life is a big deal so each year on their birthday, we let the kids choose dinner at whatever restaurant they want.

It is always fun to hear where they want to go and why. Not to mention they love counting down the days until they get to eat that sacred meal.

Bonus: Mom doesn’t have to cook. Now of course, if they wanted one of my home cooked meals for dinner I would absolutely make it. But for now, I will soak up the nights of not cooking.

3. Birthday morning balloon wake up

I am not sure why this tradition started but each year we fill the kids’ bedroom floor with balloons. They love to wake up to it and it is just something that makes their day fun!

Birthday balloons

The balloons are then played with throughout the next few days. Something so simple, yet so fun.

4. A Fun Birthday Breakfast

This varies from year to year but generally, breakfast is some sort of yummy goodness. We have had French toast, banana bread, donuts, cinnamon rolls… you get the idea.

Birthday morning donuts

5. Waking Up to A Decorated House

The anticipation of the birthdays/birthday parties is probably the best part of the whole thing. I love watching our kids get so excited about each little part.

One of the things they love is being able to wake up to a house that has been transformed for their birthday/birthday party.

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The Hubs and I will put the kids to bed and then get the downstairs decorated.

Decorations generally include a streamer backdrop by the dining room table, decorations on the mantle of the fireplace, fun table cloths and table decorations, a few hanging pieces by the table, and a birthday sign.

Nella the Princess Knight birthday sign and party

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It is so much fun watching them come down the stairs to a home that has been transformed just for them!

6. Gift Scavenger Hunt

This is a new birthday tradition that began during COVID lockdown. Asher’s birthday was just a few weeks after everything had been shut down and that meant his big party had been canceled. He was devastated. So in an attempt to make the day as fun as we could, the Hubs and I put together a gift scavenger hunt.

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The Hubs drew out locations in and around our home on index cards. Then Asher had to use the cards to find his presents. It was simple but so much fun that the kids have requested it again this year. So a new tradition has been born.

Scavenger hunt cards for birthday party

I have decided to keep the cards so they can be used year after year. The Hubs will draw some new ones but we can also mix and match the old ones in as well from year to year.

7. Gifts from the Siblings

Birthdays and birthday traditions will forever hold a special place in my heart. I truly believe that every person deserves one day out of the year that they are celebrated and spoiled. So it is important to me that my kids also spoil each other on these days. And honestly, they love shopping for one another.

We set a limit (usually $15-$20) and take the siblings out to shop without the birthday child. Since Amelia is still little the Hubs or I usually pick her gift. But Asher and Ellery really enjoy taking time to pick out a gift for the birthday kid.

They also love to make cards and pictures for one another and wrap the gift.

Asher’s adorably wrapped gift for Ellery one year

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