Easter 2016: Toddler Edition

Toddler Easter Fun

So it might be a Friday and I might just now be getting around to finally publishing our Easter recap. Whoops, but hey it happens.

This year we started our celebration off with dinner with the hub’s family on Saturday evening. The night included a small egg hunt for Asher which he loved.

Toddler Easter Fun

Come Sunday morning I was woken up early by a cute little boy demanding pancakes (he got waffles). We didn’t head to church but Asher and I did read our Easter book. I am not sure how much he absorbed but he points out Jesus in the book so I will call it a success.

Before long Asher spotted his Easter basket and I may or may not have let him eat fruit snacks instead of finishing his waffles.

Then the 3 of us with our morning faces still on, headed to the front yard (backyard was far too wet still) for a small egg hunt before heading to my family’s for a little gathering.

Toddler Easter Fun

I loved putting together this basket this year! Asher is finally at an age where he shows excitement for these sort of things so it was loads of fun!

Our Toddler Easter Basket Included:

Toddler Easter fun

1. A new cup for smoothies. Finding this tiny tumbler at Target was perfect timing because the straw on his old one broke making “smovies” (aka smoothies) hard to drink.

2. A dinosaur coloring book because dinos are his current obsession

3. A new book

4. Two new shirts from Carters: here and here

5. A watering can he can use to help water our veggies we planted recently

5. Annie’s fruit snacks

Egg Hunt Fun

For the egg hunt, I stuck with larger eggs that could fit small snacks and trinkets. I kept the prep pretty simple and only filled ten eggs. Most of the eggs included a small box of raisins or another package of fruit snacks.

Toddler Easter Fun
Toddler Easter Fun

Two of the eggs held a Hotwheel Car. Lesson learned, most of the Hotwheel Cars are too large for the eggs to close, so I may or may not have used tape to hold them shut.

Toddler Easter Fun
Toddler Easter Fun

Asher loved looking for eggs but refused to carry his own bucket so I followed him dutifully around the yard. He also insisted on opening each egg when he found it.

Toddler Easter Fun

He would cheerfully let out an “oooh more nacks!” each time. When he found the eggs with the cars he was ecstatic! He has really been into the small cars lately so they were welcome additions to his collection.

Toddler Easter Fun

As we were leaving to head to lunch (well after our morning egg hunt) Asher sprinted out the door and said “MORE EGGS!” It was quite adorable that he assumed the eggs were replenished when we went indoors. As with all holidays anymore, I am finding it so much fun to experience them through the eyes of my child. This is such a fun age!

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