DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY wedding invitation

In the midst of buying a house, packing, moving, unpacking, cleaning…..etc. my fiance and I have finally finished and mailed out our DIY wedding invitations.

We began the process of making our own invitations pretty early on. I purchased all the supplies from Hobby Lobby while they were having a 6 sheets for $1.00 cardstock sale.

I snagged up their entire inventory as well as put in an order for more. We used creative memories scrapbooking tools to do the cutting, Envelopemall.com to purchase the envelopes, clear Avery labels and a laser jet printer for labels, and glue runners to assemble the pieces.

Then inspiration for our invites came from this picture I found online:

Our DIY Wedding Invitations

To save some money we decided to print in all black and white and add color through the card stock. We decided to use the “M” of our last name as a theme throughout the wedding and added it to the front of the invite. 

DIY wedding invitation

Originally we had planned to do pocket fold invites but since we were using the entire length of the cardstock for the invites, we realized quickly (and after a few nervous breakdowns) to forgo the pocket and added our own little ribbon twist. 

DIY wedding invitation

In total these DIY wedding invitations took over 24 hours to complete. I will say if I had to do it over again I would not have selected such a complicated design. I also probably would have sat down and planned it out a bit better before I started cutting.   

I do have to give kudos to my amazing fiance who put up with my nervous breakdowns, yelling, and perfectionist attitude. I also have to give him a big thanks for designing the inserts and monogrammed front. You’ve been amazing and I would probably be sitting in a pile of orange and blue paper crying right now if it hadn’t been for you and your patience. I love you!

Out our DIY wedding invitations went!! Now we’re just waiting on the RSVP’s.


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