Dinosaur Birthday Party

I am not yet ready to admit it, but Asher turned three years old and celebrated this week with a dinosaur themed birthday party! It honestly feels like he was just joining our family and now he is an energetic, non-stop talking, three-year-old.

Dinosaur birthday party ideas

For those that know our little man, it came as no surprise that this year’s birthday party theme was everything dinosaurs. For the last year and a half Asher has been obsessed with any and all prehistoric reptiles.

He will eagerly identify all dinos and recite all the facts he knows for each. This phase has been a really fun part of motherhood so far.

Dinosaur Party Details

When it came to creating an affordable party, worthy of a dino-loving three-year-old, I wanted to make sure there were loads of dinos everywhere. I decorated our downstairs the night before the party so our little man could wake up to all things dinosaurs.

For decorations, I opted for a brown and green color scheme in all the cutlery, tableware, and such.

Dinosaur birthday party
Dinosaur birthday party ideas

To give it a jungle vibe, I used three different shades of green streamers and cut out some leaves to hang around. Most of the decorations were centered around the food table, but also in other rooms of the house.

Easy Dinosaur Cupcakes

In place of a traditional cake, I opted for cupcakes from our local big box store. I find cupcakes the easiest way to affordably add some fun to a child’s party. Additionally, cupcakes are easy to serve and even easier to clean up after.

Dinosaur birthday party

To add some dinosaur flair to the cupcakes I used these dinosaur toppers I found on clearance in the Target Dollar spot after Valentine’s Day.

One of my biggest money saving tips is to be open to anything as decorations. These dino toppers were originally part of a set of dinosaur Valentines that were marked down after the holiday. I ended up paying 50 cents for each set of 20. This meant our cupcakes were decorated for one dollar!

Dinosaur birthday party ideas

Dinosaur clings, I purchased at the Dollar Tree, were used to decorate our front door and welcome guests inside.

Dinosaur birthday party ideas

A dinosaur banner, plates, and napkins from Walmart were also purchased to tie in more dinosaurs.

Dinosaur birthday party ideas

The final touch was to include all our little man’s dinosaur toys into the party. From table tops to the mantle, to the food table, there were dinos everywhere. And because Asher was so excited to see friends and family, most of the dinosaurs remained untouched throughout the day.

Dinosaur birthday party ideas.

Keeping with our birthday book tradition, I purchased this book “Can you say dinosaur” by Dr. Suess. This book is super cute, full of fun facts, and an easy read. I would highly recommend it for any little one’s book collection.

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party Activities and Favors

For favors, I purchased these dinos for just one dollar each at Walmart and each kiddo adopted a dino at the end of the party to take home.

As a fun dinosaur-themed activity the kiddos were also given the chance to excavate their very own egg using an egg from this kit.

Since we were so close to Easter I also decided to create a dinosaur egg hunt using colored Easter eggs. Each child was given instructions to find a certain color egg that was hidden throughout our yard. This was by far everyone’s favorite dinosaur activity.

Dinosaur egg hunt activity. Dinosaur birthday fun.
Dinosaur egg hunt. Dinosaur birthdays ideas

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