One Month Declutter Plan

One month declutter plan

I am excited to share with you my one-month declutter plan! This decluttering plan is a great way to jump-start decluttering for those that want to do it but just don’t know where to start.

Decluttering is something that has really helped make our house less stressful. Having fewer things in our home means we don’t spend hours cleaning, tidying, and straightening.

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Less stress and fewer to-dos mean I am able to be a better, more in-the-moment mom for my kiddos.

One month declutter plan printable

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Declutter Plan for the Busy Mom

As a busy mom, sometimes it can be hard to set aside time to declutter a whole room.

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You might plan to tackle a room but inevitably a kiddo will make a mess or need your help and before you know it the process of decluttering is more stressful than it is worth.

To accommodate the busy life of a mom, I created a new type of decluttering plan. This plan focuses on the whole home and requires only a few minutes each day.

The plan is set to happen over 31 days. The idea is to remove the same number of items as the day of the month. For example, on the 14th, I would find 14 items to declutter from our home.

Free Printable One Month Declutter Plan

This made the process a game of sorts. Each day I looked hard at the things in our home and removed things we weren’t using.

It has been easier to declutter when I look at items rather than rooms.

The items didn’t have to be from a specific room or even the same room.

Instead, these items are simply things I notice throughout the day that we are no longer using, that are broken, or that have simply been outgrown.

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One month declutter printable

Because this decluttering process doesn’t focus on specific spaces, it is often easier to accomplish your decluttering goals. Each day you can walk around your house and find things that you are no longer needing or using and count them towards your day’s count.

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