Easy Craft Supply Storage

Craft Supply Organization Ideas

Loving to craft, but lacking in space means I have to be creative with my storage and organization solutions. Creating efficient craft supply storage is essential.

As you may remember from this post, I revamped my craft space when we moved into our new house and now all my supplies are nestled neatly in our office closet.

Craft supply storage

Craft Supply Storage Details

I wanted to give details on what I use to store my supplies within the closet and tips to make the most of limited space.  

craft supply storage

1. Comic Book Boards for Fabric

I used this Pintrest Pin as inspiration for storing fabric. Comic book boards are the perfect size for wrapping up small amounts of fabric.

I was able to wrap up to 3 yards on one board. I used a quilting pin to secure the end and now all my fabric is easily accessible.   

2. Bulletin Board:

I purchased this large bulletin board at Goodwill a few years back and dressed it up with some fabric and adhesive spray.

I use it to hold my measuring tape, paint swatches, and scissors. I plan to continue to add pieces that inspire me, pictures, etc.   

3. Pin Cushion:

Before having a pin cushion, I would just store my sewing pins in a jar. This seemed like an okay idea until I started routinely knocking over and/or spilling said jar.

No matter how hard I worked to clean up the fallen pins, I always found few I missed a week later when I stepped on them. So… I made this pincushion really quickly with some scrap fabric and a small mason jar.

Now my pins are always on hand, and even if I knock this over they will stay put.   

4. Walls:

As someone with limited crafting space, I highly recommend using as much of your wall as possible.

Add shelves, ribbon rods, and bulletin or pegboards galore! Also, work up and take advantage of your vertical real estate.   

5. Unusual Storage Containers:

Shop around and find storage solutions in unlikely pieces. I found this galvanized pail at Goodwill and it fits my scrapbooking pens and other crafting pieces perfectly. I also think the galvanized look gives a bit of character to the space.   

6. Recycle:

Using yet another pin I have been making use of the glass containers left from used up old candles. I use the glass containers as well as other pieces such as mason jars, to hold chalk, ribbon scraps, buttons, paint brushes etc. 

So what awesome craft supply storage and organization ideas do you have? Until later friends! Happy crafting!

Craft Supply Storage


Craft supply organization ideas


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