Craft room on a very, very tiny budget.

First I just want to extend a Thank you to the inventors of Pinterest….you have given me a profound obsession with a website and a channel full of ideas. The combination of these two things leaves me wondering if I should be grateful for this website or upset by how friggin’ addicting it is.

Thanks to the inspiration found through Pinterest I have decided I am going to begin assembling the pieces for my very own craft room or “space”. Now that I am finally done with school (after what seems like forever) I have finally been able to develop hobbies. These hobbies include scrapbooking and sewing. I am absolutely in love with both. The development of these hobbies has since led to “stuff” being everywhere. Fabric here, Tools there, Paper in this box, Stickers in that box….and so on. Nothing. At. All. Is. Organized! So I am creating an organized craft space.

Currently I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment, but I have a dining room (or tiny space next to the kitchen) that has gone unused since I moved in (I am more of an eat in the living room kinda gal). I plan to transform this little space into my first generation craft space. Hopefully the second generation will be much more awesome.

Since my budget is non-existent, the plan is to use already owned furniture pieces and re-purpose them as well as purchase items second hand for my craft room/space. I have an old desk I got from neighbors at my old apartment complex that needs a good sanding and coat of paint but then it will be good as new. I also have some old book shelves I have obtained over the years that I think I will repaint as well.

My color inspiration is green, white, and some black. This is mainly to avoid buying new items as I currently have lots of items in these colors. Below is just some of my inspiration:

1. Clear jars to store things. I. Love. This. From everythingyourmamamade.com. I have also seen people use chalkboard paint to make labels for the front so I think I might try my hand at that as well. This makes storing buttons, ribbon bits, and small items simple and easy to find.
Pinned Image

2. A ribbon holder. I have so much ribbon that I use for sewing, scrapbooking, and gift wrapping. It is always thrown in a drawer and tangled and a huge mess. I love this idea from 33shadesofgreen.blogspot.com to create your very own ribbon holder with tension rods, spray paint, and an open frame.

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3. Pencil, pen, and paintbrush holder. I love this idea from threadbanger.com because it can be right at eye level and the cups are secure and won’t tip over spilling pens or markers all over the floor.

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4. Scrapbook paper holders: I want to be able to store my 12×12 scrapbooking paper so that I can see it all without having to pull each piece out of a drawer. This tutorial by thenesteffect.com provides a way to create the perfect size containers to store paper.
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5. Framed Peg board: I want love the idea of being able to have tools right at hand like this. iamacraftaddict.blogspot.com
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6. Shelves, Bookcases, organizational boxes: the combination of these three makes a small space much larger and if done properly it looks awesome too.

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Pinned Image
From bhg.com

Eventually I would love to have a space similar to this one by elephantstrunkllb.com. I love the dedication to a color scheme and the amazing organization. This room looks like it would inspire anyone to create something beautiful.
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But for now here is what I have. It’s still pretty rough and the desk is in desperate need of an overhaul but I am pretty happy so far. I still need shelves/book shelves (I can’t decide which). But since my fiance and I will be moving in April I am thinking about waiting for that part until then. But who knows….


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