Construction Birthday Party

Construction Themed Birthday Party Ideas

It feels far too official now…I am the mother of a two-year-old! Over the weekend we had his official construction birthday party fit for our construction loving toddler.

I waited until mid-month because I was hoping to have better weather so we could move the party outside and we were very blessed with beautiful weather this weekend!

Construction Birthday Party Details

The party theme this year was construction based on my son’s love of all forms of construction equipment.

I really wanted to make it as eventful for Asher as I could so after he went to sleep Friday night I hung all the decorations and when he woke up Saturday morning he was so excited!

He kept pointing to each picture and telling me the name of each construction machine.

To solidify the theme immediately, I set up the following DIY, sign out front with some simple construction birthday balloons.

Construction birthday party ideas

The decorations throughout the house were kept pretty simple. I printed out pictures and signs and hung them up around the house.

Construction birthday party ideas
Construction birthday party
Construction birthday party
Construction themed birthday party decorations. Easy DIY construction birthday party decorations

Another easy form of decoration was to utilize Asher’s construction equipment toys throughout the house as well.

Construction themed birthday party ideas
Construction themed birthday party

The Food Table Set-up and Decorations

When planning birthday parties, I can’t recommend enough to center the bulk of your decorations around the food table. This is the area where guests will spend the majority of their time.

I loved using two of the bigger construction toys as containers for the food. The toys were given a good scrub and then I used aluminum foil to ensure food was kept clean.

The color scheme of the food table also reflected the construction birthday theme with black, yellow, and orange.

To add another touch of construction to the party, I created utensil packs in yellow and black. Each pack included an adorable “tools” sign on the front.

Other Added Construction Details

This construction sign was too funny not to include in the party decor so it was hung right where it belonged.

Construction Party Favors

A quick visit to the Home Depot and I was able to gather some children-sized tool aprons. I filled the aprons with a few yummy snacks and a juice box for each kiddo to take home.

construction party favors

Construction Birthday Activities

We were blessed with beautiful, mild weather so I was able to set up a few outdoor activities for kiddos to enjoy.

Using a toddler pool, sand, and some more construction toys, I created a toddler approved construction zone.

To add another activity, the water table was filled and even more, toys were added.

Homemade Construction Themed Cake

When it came to Asher’s cake, I decided to attempt making it myself.

Now I am in no way a baker but I figured if it ended up looking bad I could just throw a construction toy over the mistake and BAM, it fits the theme.

Reese Pieces candy and crushed chocolate rounded out the decorations on the cake.

construction themed birthday cake. Homemade birthday cake idea.

Along with the chocolate on chocolate cake, I also made some cupcakes for the non-choco lovers. These cupcakes were topped with mini road sign toppers.

As soon as Asher saw construction toys on his cake he assumed it was solely for playing and I had to race to cut slices for guests to eat before he “dug in da dirt” too much.

Crazy thing is, my kid didn’t even eat a bite. He played until he was unable to handle being sticky and then it was off to play elsewhere. Thankfully everyone was able to eat before he destroyed the rest.

construction party ideas
Toddler construction birthday party

The day was filled with fun and sun and I was so happy to be able to spend time with our nearest and dearest friends and family. But now time can slow down for a bit.

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