Common Busy Mom Problems (& The Solutions!)

Life as a mom is busy. We are constantly juggling kids, schedules, school events, sporting events, meals, groceries, appointments, and more.

So it is no wonder that each of us has had a time when we feel like we are drowning and can’t catch up. Today I am going to share with you common busy mom problems and the solutions you can implement to help prevent them from happening.

Common Busy Mom Problems (and their solutions!)

1. Forgetting Important Events, Appointments, etc in Your Family’s Schedule and Feeling like You’ve Let Someone Down.

Solution: Set aside time each week to have a meeting with your partner. Use this time to review your upcoming week’s schedule and add any and all events to the schedule. Discuss a plan for pick up/drop off and who will be attending each event.

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It is also helpful to add these events to a master calendar somewhere in the home that the whole family can see.

2. Overspending And Blowing Your Budget.

Solution: Keep your budgeting tools close at hand and review them regularly. One morning a week, for no more than 15 minutes, review your spending for the week and adjust your remaining budget categories using expense cards.

When you know what you have left to spend you can plan accordingly for your upcoming shopping.

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3. Dinner Time Frustration Because You Don’t Know What to Cook and it Feels Like it is Always on You.

Solution: Set aside 15 minutes each week to meal plan for the upcoming week. Write out a meal plan of 5-7 meals. You can pick a meal from the list each night or assign a meal to each night ahead of time.

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If you struggle with coming up with ideas, keep a list of your family’s favorites and pick 3-4 from that list. Next, add 1 new meal a week from Pinterest or a favorite cookbook. Lastly, add in an easy day such as breakfast for dinner or leftovers.

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4. Forgetting Things and Having to Run to the Store Multiple Times a Week.

Solution: Meal planning and home inventory lists will prevent this from happening by keeping you up to date on the inventory of your home, what you need, and what you don’t need.

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Additionally, by meal planning ahead of time, you will be able to complete a grocery list of exactly the foods you need.

5. Keeping the House Clean and Clutter-free.

Solution: Create a cleaning schedule that works for you and keep it handy. Work through it each week by addressing a small bit of it every day as you can.

It might only be 30 minutes you can give each day but it will all add up over time.

The same goes for decluttering. Make a list of all the spaces you want to declutter and do one a day or one a week until you’ve managed it all. Small steps really do add up.

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