Turning A Closet Into A Craft Space

A closet turned into a designated craft space

If you are an avid crafter, creating a craft space is essential for productivity and managing all of the crafting supplies. In my previous apartment, I was constantly completing wedding various wedding crafts. So much so that my dining room eventually looked like this.

Having been my first go at a craft space, I must say I wasn’t too disappointed with the outcome. I had a lot of wants and ideas and little to no money so in the end, it did what I needed it to do.

Creating A Craft Space with Limited Space

When the husband (then fiance) and I purchased our first home back in February, I was forced to pack up all my creative tools and wait until I had time to build them a new home.

Since we moved into our new home so close to our wedding day (only 1 1/2 months away), and I was a DIY bride,  I was forced (able) to make creating a craft space a priority on the home to-do list.

Creating a Closet Craft Room

I decided the best place for my future crafting adventures was a closet in one of the spare bedrooms.

It just so happens to be the closet in the room we are using as our office/fitness room.

Adding a third element was an easy addition as the closet was currently going unused.

Here is the room on the day we moved in. The handsome man in the pic is my then soon-to-be hubby. The closet, soon-to-be craft space, is located behind the white doors.

To create the closet craft room, I knew immediately that I wanted to remove the doors.

The main reason was to add more elbow room, but also because I just plain hate those type of closet doors. So remove them I did.

creating a closet craft room

And behind the doors was a shelf unit secured to the inner wall. I decided to remove the shelf unit and add a coat of paint.  

After the unit was removed
After the unit was removed

The next step to creating my closet craft room was painting the space a fun, bright color.

Picking out a paint color for this craft space might have been the greatest paint selection I’ve ever made.

I was able to choose a bright, fun, creativity-generating shade of aqua. And I LOVE it!  

closet craft room

The Workbench of My Closet Craft Room

If you recall I had a desk in my apartment craft space that looked a bit rough and weathered.

The story behind this desk began 3 years ago while I was a broke graduate student.

I had noticed a downstairs neighbor had this awesome (then blue) vintage desk sitting in the hallway. It sat in that hall for MONTHS.

Finally, after a long day of studying, my roommate came home and told me that the desk was out by the dumpster.

Judge if you will but I sprinted down the stairs and with all pride aside, carried that desk back up the stairs to its new home.

I refinished it and added new knobs only to then spill acetone fingernail polish remover on it turning it into the piece in the above pictures.  

With the birth of this new closet craft room, I felt it only fair to bring new life to that old desk.

So I refinished it (again) and added a chalkboard top so I could have a place to jot down notes when creative ideas came about.  

After the closet was dry I added the shelf unit from before in on the right side of the closet.

The shelves were the perfect height for storing scrapbooks and scrapbook materials.

closet craft room

Once the desk was finished, I added a few shelves, put the desk in place, and plugged in my sewing machine.

The finished product isn’t as fancy or as large as some of the others out there. But I love it and it was an affordable way to create a space just for me and my crafty-way of life.  

closet craft room
closet craft room

Some of the Craft Closet Details:

  • Canning jars for storage
  • Pictures of my friends
  • A chalkboard desktop
  • Books of ideas
  • Pretty pegboard to hold my tools.
closet craft room
Closet to craft space

Click here to see how my closet craft room is working for me now.

Crafting closet set up


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