Winter Maternity Pictures

winter maternity pictures

In true holiday-loving form, I have been excited about our Christmas cards for some time now. Two weeks ago when we got our first bit of cover-the-ground-and-make-everything-pretty snow I knew it was time to drag dear hubs outside and snap some Christmas-y and winter maternity pictures.

Thankfully the hubs was a real trooper and spent nearly an hour outside in the cold with me snapping pictures. I decided to just use our DSLR camera to snap these photos to see what we ended up with. Even though Hubs wasn’t a fan of the cold, we had some fun out in the snow.

Winter maternity pictures
Christmas Maternity Pictures
Winter pregnancy pictures
winter maternity picture
winter pregnancy picture
winter maternity picture
I sure do love this man!
winter maternity pictures

And what’s the fun in a bunch of posed pictures. We had some fun in there too.

playing the snow
This is my “caught mid walk by the timer” pose. 

Since there are so many winter maternity picture ideas out there, I figured we could recreate a few. At one point I thought I would re-create an adorable picture I saw on Pinterest of a woman with a cute little [perfectly crafted] snowman in front of her pregnant belly.

Seems easy enough right? I mean we were all kids and crafted big snowmen so how hard can a tiny one be…  

pregnancy picture

In case you wondered, here are the basic steps to make a snowman. Roll snow into small balls then stack those on top of one another. Sounds easy right?

Pregnancy pictures

The truth is… it is harder than it looks.

winter maternity pictures

Thankfully the Hubs stepped in and made some cosmetic adjustments.

pregnancy pictures

Creating winter maternity pictures was cold but still fun and hey I can say the hubs and I built a snowman this year.

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