Open-ended Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Open-ended toy recommendations for toddlers

After nearly a week of unexplained coughing and feeling pretty crummy, I am finally back to continue the Holiday Toy Series. If you missed it, don’t forget to check out: 

5 Benefits of Open-ended Toys

Open-ended Gift Guide for Babies

It is officially Christmas season and that means, for many, gift shopping is getting underway. If you are looking for ideas on what to get your toddlers, then you’ve come to the right place!

Toddler life… such a fun yet exhausting time of early parenthood. It is a time when our littles one are more mobile, more opinionated, and starting to dive into the world of imaginative play.

This is a fun time to see what sort of worlds they create with the toys around them. 

Toddlers love to explore the world with both gross and fine motor skills. This is a great time to introduce larger, gross motor type toys under the tree as well as fine motor ones they can learn as they grow!

Open-ended Toys for Toddlers

Open ended gift ideas for toddlers
  1. Large wooden blocks. As you have probably noticed, blocks are a favorite in our house. These by Melissa and Doug are sturdy and will last for many years. 
  2. Animal figures. The possibilities are endless for what sort of fun adventures their animals can get into. Schleich has a HUGE collection of various animals that will last through years of bath times, sensory tables, and even outdoor play. 
  3. Trains and train tracks. Wooden tracks are our favorite because they are durable and able to withstand hours of play. 
  4. Play kitchen. Get ready to eat all forms of pretend culinary creations. This wooden one by Ikea has held up in our home for over two years now! The kids love to play for hours 
  5. Kitchen accessories. Felt food and these pans by Ikea are some of my favorites! These wooden cut-able sets are great for fine motor skills and added pretend play!
  6. Babydoll and baby bed. Watch as children engage their nurturing and empathetic sides as they care for their own little baby. 
  7. Duplo Legos. These building blocks are so useful for building imaginative worlds and practicing fine motor skills. 
  8. Balance bike. Great for toddlers that have a strong grasp on walking. A balance bike will last far beyond their toddler years. In fact, my 4-year-old is still playing with his every time we go outside. 
  9. Horse hopper. Another great gross motor toys. My kiddos love to jump on these any time they can! They are durable but soft so little ones can bounce around without worry for injury. An added bonus for parents… here is a way for little ones to burn all that crazy energy. 
  10. Animal Barn. This barn provides a home for all those animals your kiddos love! This barn is the perfect size for the Schleich farm animals. 

More Holiday Fun Headed Your Way

Over the next couple of weeks, I invite you to come with me as I dive into my Holiday Toy Series. The series will include all of the following:


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