Open-ended Toy Ideas for Preschoolers

Open-ended preschool toys

Our eldest Asher is four and a half this Christmas and fully present in the preschooler age group.  Over the last year, he has developed and honed in on his own interests. He is also in school for the first time and the influence of his peers has started to sway his wish list this holiday season.

Both of these changes have made the list making a bit more of an adventure, but never fear, you don’t have to give into noise and do-it-for-them toys just because they are older. There are still quality, open-ended toys for kids as they continue to grow. 

Open-ended toys are a favorite in our home and so it is no surprise that we continue with that decision throughout our Christmas gift buying. 

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Open-ended Toy Ideas for Babies

Open-ended Toy Ideas for Toddlers 

I have found preschool age to be so fun when it comes to imaginative play. Children at this age are now playing independently for longer and with a broader imagination. So here it is… my favorite, and most highly recommended, open-ended toy ideas for preschoolers!


Preschool costume Ideas

This is the age of imagination! Children love to pretend to be all the grown-up roles. These costumes allow your little one to dive into the world of a chefa doctora firemana construction worker, or even an astronaut. They are made of quality material that will certainly last many imaginative adventures. 

Lego City Sets

We L.O.V.E Legos. Asher started playing with Duplos as a toddler and last year dove into the traditional Legos. These City Sets are the best! Most sets come with instructions to build more than one vehicle. Kids can build vehicles and create a whole world of imagination. 

Schleich Dinosaurs

Open ended preschool toys

Asher has loved dinos since he saw his first ones at one year old. If you have a dino lover on your hands these are the best figurines around. They are durable, realistic, and colorful. Some having moving arms or mouths, while others do not. And best of all they are not battery operated so they can be played within the bath, mud, outdoors, and indoors. Here are just a few of our favorites: TriceratopsUtahraptorBrachiosaurus, and of course T-rex

My First Microscope

Gift ideas for kids

 With this, preschoolers can begin to take a deeper look at the world around them. Watch as they examine bugs, dirt, their hands… anything they can fit under the lens. 

Animal Figures

Dinos are a huge favorite right now but we also love marine life, jungle and farm animals. Again these animals by Schleich are incredibly realistic and durable. We have had several for many years and they still look good as new. These animals are a perfect fit for the animal barn I mentioned here

Art Easel

 An easel and art supplies create an invitation to create for children. Asher is really into writing these days and loves to sit at his easel and write. Can include art Supplies such as paint, crayons, markers, and color pencils as well.

Letter and Word Puzzle 

Open ended preschool toys

If you have a little word lover like we do, this kit by Melissa and Doug needs to be on your list! 

Marble run

Open ended preschool toys

 Watch as they create new paths and further explore the world of building and creating. This gift allows them to build different paths and really work on cause and effect. 

Car garage

Open ended preschool toys

 Asher loves his Hotwheel cars and is always driving around on his race track rug so this garage will provide additional play options for his cars!


Open ended preschool toys

These are a HUGE hit in our house! Both kiddos love to play with them. They are constantly building houses, barns, cars, animal cages… you name it. The magnetic properties of these tiles challenges kids in a way legos and wooden blocks do not. With additions like the car bottoms, kids can build all sorts of fun! 

Dollhouse and Dolls

This house and dolls by Melissa and Doug are super cute and made of quality, all natural materials. The house folds for easy transport and storage. The house comes with a set of dolls and several pieces of furniture. This car and dolls add to the fun!

More Holiday Fun Headed Your Way

Over the next couple of weeks, I invite you to come with me as I dive into my Holiday Toy Series. The series will include all of the following:


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