100 Children’s Book Themes

100 Children's book themes

Books are very much loved in our house. Our kiddos love to flip through books and read books of all sorts. Using book themes for our children’s books helps to keep our kiddos interested.

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Book Rotation

To keep things interesting and keep our kiddos reaching for books, I like to rotate our books.

Rotating the books is a quick and easy way to make sure new and interesting books are available for our kiddos.

Throughout our house, we have multiple books shelves and baskets, each of which contains 5-10 books.

Every 1-2 weeks books are removed and new books are added to the shelves and baskets.

The books displayed are a combination of library books and books from our own home collection.

Children’s Book Themes

To keep things interesting for our children and to make it easier to select books, I like to follow a theme for the week.

Once a theme is picked, I will pull books from our home collection and/or the library. These books are displayed in our playroom for the kids to look at and read.

To add to the fun, activities that center around the theme can be created as well.

Book shelf with Christmas themed books

100 Children’s Book Themes

  1. Sharks
  2. Dinosaurs
  3. Horses
  4. Fairy Tales
  5. Construction equipment
  6. Race cars
  7. Penguins
  8. ABCs
  9. Numbers
  10. Drawing
  11. Mountains
  12. Thunderstorms
  13. Halloween
  14. Christmas
  15. Easter
  16. Valentine’s Day
  17. Hanukkah
  18. Presidents
  19. Ocean animals
  20. Monsters
  21. Gingerbread
  22. Insects/Bugs
  23. Snakes
  24. Reptiles
  25. Rainbows
  26. Fairies
  27. Police
  28. Firefighters
  29. Boats
  30. Superheroes
  31. Legos
  32. Elephants
  33. The rainforest
  34. Winter
  35. Summertime
  36. Starting school
  37. Princesses
  38. Doctor
  39. Veterinarian
  40. Farm
  41. The Christmas story
  42. Snowmen
  43. Puppies
  44. Martin Luther King Jr
  45. The five senses
  46. All about me
  47. Earth Day
  48. The human body
  49. Spring
  50. Fall
  51. Camping
  52. Forests
  53. My family
  54. Thanksgiving
  55. St. Patrick’s day
  56. Trains
  57. Manners
  58. What I Like to Eat
  59. Computers
  60. Move Your Body
  61. Feelings or Emotions
  62. Community Helpers: garbage man, mailman, etc
  63. Apples
  64. Dr. Suess
  65. Polar Bears
  66. Reindeer
  67. Siblings
  68. Strawberries
  69. Pumpkins
  70. New Years
  71. The Gruffalo
  72. Colors
  73. The rainbow
  74. Fruits and Veggies
  75. Leaves
  76. The Zoo
  77. Shapes
  78. Cars
  79. Cookies
  80. Making friends
  81. Airplanes
  82. Kites
  83. Farmers Market
  84. Clifford the Big Red Dog
  85. Seeds and things that grow
  86. Space
  87. Trucks
  88. The Circus
  89. Pirates
  90. Wizards
  91. Bears
  92. The Beach
  93. Clothing
  94. Building
  95. Transportation
  96. The Jungle
  97. Grandparents
  98. The Moon and Stars
  99. Candy and Treats
  100. Snow

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A list of 100 children's book themes

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