• Tips for creating a plan for better health

    Tips for Creating a Plan for Better Health

    Hi Friends! Do you ever feel like your intentions for something are so great but you struggle to create a plan? For instance, do you want to improve your health but struggle to create a plan for better health? Isn’t it crazy how you can be so motivated, so on…

  • First Marathon Race Recap

    Running My First Marathon

    I posted a bit ago about how I trained for my first marathon and I wanted to take some time to finally share the race experience with you.  The Week Before: In the process of looking up and researching tips, tricks, and advice for running your first marathon, I stumbled…

  • Journey to better health as a busy mom

    Improving Health as a Busy Mom

    I am doing something I never, ever thought I would do on this little ol’ blog of mine, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing details of my journey to better health and weight loss. Now, I have no intentions of making this a blog all about…