Bumpdate Outtakes

Being pregnant and having your picture taken every week is a weird thing to adjust to. It’s like the Ricky Bobby interview every week… “what do I do with my hands?!”. That and how do you best showcase your bump and not draw attention to every other part of you that has expanded due to now “eating for two” [guilty]. So needless to say the last 18 weeks has presented a few bloopers if you will so please enjoy…

To begin we have week six. This is two weeks after we found out and this is my “Holy Sh!t there’s a baby in there!” face
 Next up is the ever so popular, I-love-you-dear-but-can-we-be-done-taking-pictures- face at week 9.


Next up is the HOLD ON! Here comes a sneeze face at week 12.
Good weather at week 13 brought on the action shot mid pose picture.
Week 17 brought on the even more heartfelt “Holy Sh!t there’s a baby in there” face!
 Happy Halloween, week 18 picture the hubs caught me post pumpkin-sit down.
I know, I know…being this photogenic is a gift but I promise you keep at it and you’ll get your very own collection of beuts like this. In all honesty though what am I supposed to do with my hands?!



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